Le Cord - The Most Stunning Phone & Tablet Cables in the World

No doubt you have spent a lot of your hard-earned money on your iPhone and iPad. And you spend a lot of time choosing home and clothing items that fit to your style and taste.

So why are you still using a boring old charge and sync cable when you could be using Le Cord?

These stunning cords are Swedish design, with premium and stylish materials of textiles, leather and wood. The textured cords give such a sumptuous, luxe feeling to such a usually ordinary object that is addictive and will make you wish that Le Cord made belts and other fashion accessories (purses please!) along with home items such as pendant lamps and cabinet finishes. 

While perhaps before today you would have just selected a regular ol' cord for your iPhone, iPad and even iPod and android devices, now you have some very difficult decisions to make. But ones that will make all the difference to you and your surroundings.

How one goes about choosing a single fine textile Le Cord is beyond me. There are leathers and metallics and gorgeous hues in solids and patterns, so I say get a bunch.

Bright solids of Pink and Robin are very modern and of the moment, and Spruce is a wonderful choice for a fella.

If you're a pattern person, there are a lot of choices, including:

- the air-mail Spiral
- Crouwel has an almost houndstooth motif, which we both know is utterly timeless
- Trumpster's peppy, preppy feel is invigorating
- the almost nautical Broken Ocean goes wonderfully with silver and gold
- Get Camo to inject some unexpected fun into your space

I found it almost impossible to choose, but my final choices were the simply breathtaking White Leather with Light Wood, and the freakin' elegant Rose Gold.

Braided white leather is one of the best things to happen to your decor (it's genuine leather too). And the touch of light wood (also available for android users and in dark woodis so au courant, it will go with all the rest of your stuff whether you lean toward boho chic or are a modern minimalist. 

It it just 40 cm long, which comes in handy for certain spaces and is especially ideal for travel and popping in your bag without having to worry about tangles.

And if you're like me, you have fallen for rose gold in every which way - home furnishings, jewelry and of course, tech products. So the Rose Gold (pictured above) is a must. And the matching rose gold metal connector shell? Jaw-dropping. So much so, you'll be tempted to knot it and wear it around your neck. I'm serious. This is a beaut. And it's the same length (1 metre) as the one that came with your device so switching it out is a breeze. psst - it also comes in Apple Silver and Gold, and is made to match your Apple products to a tee.

What's truly amazing aside from the insane quality and look of Le Cord cables is how they feel in your hand the tremendous built-to-last build.

It doesn't stop there. Every Le Cord product is certified and approved by Apple Inc. This means they the original parts and components are bought from Apple and used in Le Cord products. What you get in an original Apple cable is what you get here. But way more stylin'.  

And they offer free shipping worldwide.

So don't waste another second - shop Le Cord right now and upgrade that device of yours to match the rest of your look.

Stephanie Dickison

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