Roost Laptop Stand - Stop Hunching & Start Working Comfortably, Productively

I don't know that many people with desktop computers anymore. Which means most of us are scrunching over our laptops to get things done these days.

That has caused a serious rise in hunched shoulders, back pain and a host of other health problems that can be eased by many things. So by all means go out and book a month of massages or get an ergonomic chair (it's going to cost you, especially if it's Herman Miller) to help get the crinks out. But for those of us that don't live in houses with heated marble floors and have lots of money to spend, I have a better option.

The Roost Laptop Stand unfolds like an easel into a sturdy frame that keeps your laptop at eye level. So no more drooping shoulders, sunken chin, aching neck and back just eyes front and on the prize. 

Of course this means you'll need an external keyboard, but these are small prices to pay for your good health. In fact the price of the stand and keyboard will run you less than a single massage. And waaaay less than a standing desk, oversized computer screen and all the other options you've been rolling around in your head.

What's great about the Roost is that it's made from durable materials (such as glass-fiber reinforced nylon, for instance), it fits most laptops, is adjustable up to 11 inches (to your neck it's going to feel like 11 feet) with three settings to choose from, takes just a second to set up and take down, is super light, and comes with a nylon sleeve, so you can pack it up and bring it wherever you go (it changes working in hotel rooms forever).

It expands exactly like my laundry rack - you pull it open and it snaps into elevated place - and then you slip your laptop into the locked position. And don't worry, there's no way it's moving or tipping or shuffling, thanks to pivoting grips and non-slip feet. It's there to stay. 

Which means you can get on with all that work in front of you without the physical pain usually associated with it.

What a relief. 

See for yourself. Change the way you work, the way you sit.

Stephanie Dickison

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