Jacques Briochin Cleaning Products - Astounding Results Using All-Natural Ingredients

Have you noticed how your cleaning products haven't been doing their job lately? I don't know when it happened but my glass cleaner started getting lazy and leaving streaks behind. And that hand soap? Why don't my hands feel clean afterwards? That's it one and only job and sadly, it lets me down each and every time.

So I set out to find cleaners that are up to the tasks at hand and I found it all in the fascinating Jacques Briochin Cleaning Products from France.

Founded in 1919, the formulas probably haven't changed all that much, but boy are they exceptional (when has a French product ever let you down? Didn't think so). 

Take the L'Authentique Vinaigre de Ménage Prêt à L'emploi, for example. It's not just for mirrors and glass. This solution removes everything from limescale and grease. 

The multi-cleaner goes to work in everything room so go ahead and clean the faucets and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, get that grime outta the fridge, wipe down your shelves in the living room and bedroom.

This vinegar solution has only two all-natural ingredients - water and vinegar. And while we both know that you can make a mixture at home, if it was so easy, why haven't you yet? I tried vinegar with newspapers on my glass doors and mirrors in the past, but what a mess - I had to scrub the newsprint off my hands. So now I have to clean the house and my hands afterwards?

The quality of the Ecocert certified vinegar and water, as well as the ratio (it's very concentrated, though you can get it in a higher concentration if you wish as well as in gel formula), is what makes this such a heroic product. My mirrors and glass have never gleamed like this before and never a hint of a streak, no matter how lightly I go over the surface. My bathroom tap has always looked filmy no matter what I used - until now. Now it shines like a diamond. 

And here's where I really noticed a difference. You know that grime that settles on top of your fridge? The mixture of dust and moisture that forms a thick, greasy film that is almost always impossible to remove? It's one of my least favourite jobs because it takes so much effort to clean such a small area. 

I sprayed L'Authentique Vinaigre de Ménage Prêt à L'emploi just twice and all of that gross build up came off in one easy swipe. I couldn't believe it. The same for the hood over the stove. It is now one of the easiest jobs, but only with this wonder cleaner in hand.

It also works as a stain remover on your clothes: wine spills, makeup marks, mustard that dropped onto your shirt from lunch. How amazing is that? You'd never spray your current glass cleaner on anything in your wardobe. The only thing you can't use it on is marble or any porous surfaces due to its high concentration.

The other bonus is the smell. A slight whiff of vinegar occurs when you're using it, but it dissipates soon after use. No fake chemical scents to battle. 

Also a must, Liquide Vaisselle & Mains - Hand & Dishwashing Liquid, made from 100% natural ingredients. This two-in-one Ecocert certified cleaner contains natural plant derivatives and a good dose of flaxseed oil soap that works as a natural grease remover. The bottle contains enough for at least 200 five-litre washes. So tackle those dirty and very dirty dishes in a snap. Because don't you have better things to do that scrub at those pots and pans from dinner?

And thanks to the addition of marine algae, your hands get a softening like you wouldn't believe.

The design of the bottle is genius too - the spout extends way out past the bottle so you never have to scrunch your hand under the pump and the bottle doesn't get covered in soap like all the ones you've had before this.

If you want your house to be cleaner than it's ever been, just using natural ingredients, you need Jacques Briochin Cleaning Products

p.s. If you're in the Toronto area, they are available at: Baldwin Naturals (16 Baldwin St) and Essence of Life (50 Kensington Ave).

p.p.s. There are many more products to the line than just soap and vinegar - the extensive line includes laundry detergentsfloor cleaners and items specifically for leather

Stephanie Dickison

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