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One look at the simplemente blanco website and you'd swear it was Scandinavian.

In fact, the interior design firm in located in Boston, Massachusetts.

You'd never know it though. Led by Founder/Designer Fernanda Bourlot's "style as a way of life" mantra and belief that fresh interiors should possess "just what they need and nothing else," it's all in keeping with the Swedish aesthetic.

Of course the products created for projects the firm does, done with "balance, symmetry, calmness and pureness" and mostly in white, was also a draw. 

The serenity created in a space using these simple, modern elements is what I am drawn to in my own decor and design. 

simplemente blanco has everything for your home:

Shop for decorating items such as lights, vases and pillows. Give your bedroom a quick and easy makeover with accessories, throws and sheets

I bet your dining room could use a little refresher, so get yourself some new table linens, place mats, napkin rings, and coasters. Gift friends and colleagues special china, kitchen accessories, and aprons.

There's even a whole gardening section, and one just for the fellas.

Creating products for the projects simplemente blanco does, the items become limited edition as there's never big batches made of anything. This ensures that all that careful curating that you've done isn't suddenly a part of every home. What a refreshing change from how homogenized a lot of home design has become.

My leanings towards a cool Nordic minimalism are completed with these phenomenal additions:

I have always had a hard time buying pillows for the living room. My search for simple yet not boring has been fruitless up until now.

This sturdy pillow is the perfect size for the couch or chairs. Thanks to its thick filling, it's also a great back support and rest (watching Netflix and reading has never been more comfortable). A heavy canvas backing establishes it as long-lasting, while the dove grey front festooned with a drizzle of thin white ribbon adds visual interest to the room without being overbearing or distracting. The colour scheme and zen-garden-for-the-eyes design is forever calming and peaceful. 

And because simplemente blanco is all about great design, the zippered cover comes off for washing. Because we both know that I'm going to get food and wine on it. That's just a given. But it will continue to look fresh and and lovely and new thanks to its great design. No one will ever be the wiser.

Floral waters are a wonderful way to add natural (read: non-toxic) fragrance to your home.

Simply yet beautifully and elegantly packaged, these waters can be used to freshen rooms and linens, while offering the added bonus of aromatherapy.

Lavender is forever calming and can help ease your mind and restless sleep. A spritz of this and you'll feel as de-stressed as post-massage. Knots you didn't you had unwind and dissolve. Worries dissipate and tranquility takes over.

Neroli, with a hint of orange-y sweetness, is also a relaxing scent. Did you know that it can help with everything from heart palpitations and insomnia?

While luxuriating in these bodacious scents, a natural calm will overcome you. Isn't that the ultimate respite from your fast and furious lifestyle?

Candles too, are a great source of relaxation, and I love the simplicity of the glass jar with white label.

But it's the intoxicating fragrance that's the real allure. White Flowers exudes a spring garden in full bloom, with a clean crispness that buoys the house from its long winter slump and kicks your energy into full gear.

My White Flowers Candle is as exquisite as a vase of fresh flowers every day without ever having to change to water or discard fallen leaves.


Shop simplemente blanco now and bring a bright calm and freshness into your home. 

Warning: Effects after decorating with simplemente blanco may include: 

- an unwillingness to leave your now beautiful home
- friends always popping in because it just feels "so relaxing" over here
- people constantly picking up items and asking "Where did you get this?" (and never putting them back in the same place).

Stephanie Dickison

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