RedBubble Offers Living Art That You Can Share, Wear & Hang

I choose my high school because it had an intense art stream including life drawing classes. I grew up thinking I was going to make my living painting and drawing. 

That didn't work out (my stuff was always just okay), but I do intend to spending the rest of my life supporting others - and one of the most amazing communities for us creative types is RedBubble. It's a "marketplace, meeting place and learning place of people, art and writing from all over the place."

This is how it works:

RedBubble allows you to "sell your work with zero hassle, supply us with a digital file and we’ll take care of all manufacture, shipping and customer service. From cards to t-shirts via stickers and framed prints, not forgetting calendars, canvases and posters, we really do have more high quality products than you can shake a large and unruly stick at."

The best thing? The quality is phenomenal and yet the prices are affordable. Here's a look at what I got:

This super fun calendar makes a great present - and considering there is less than two months left of 2011, it would be a good idea to stock up on these now for Christmas. And not only are the images fantastic, the sturdy, glossy paper and crisp, clear printing is some of the best quality I've ever seen. This is real art, folks. In fact, it's so darn attractive that it's going to take all your willpower not to hang it up right this second....

The selection, the quality and the price make these the best way to share and enjoy your favourite artwork. You'll never get your cards from a physical store after you see how stellar these are. I think Lunch Atop a Skycraper (pictured above) is simply adorable.

The same goes for the photo prints - unfreakinbelievable quality. I got this amazing image of someone assembling a package for mail but there is so much that you're going to lust after. I fell for Chlorine Summer 2, Autumn and Making Sense of It All, to mention just a few.

When I'm looking for artwork for our walls, cards to send to friends and tshirts to add to my wardrobe, guess where my new favourite hangout is?

Come and join me over at RedBubble. They have the best stuff.

Stephanie Dickison

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