Amy Sacks Eyewear Is Colourful, Sassy and Sexy!

I have worn glasses since the age of 5, so I know that picking a pair that are really "you" is important.

But you also want something that stands out, that is a little different than the rest. After all, remember the architect glasses that took over the streets 8 years ago and everyone looked like they worked at Bauchman, Birch & Fuller?


But glasses have come along since I got my first pair (they were brown and unisex and sooooo ugly). But it's funny that despite our aging population, reading glasses have not - they are mostly boring and elderly, or if they are contemporary they are, how shall I say, gaudy and waaay too much. Especially on the people who end up needing reading glasses.

Nuh uh. That is not a good look for you.

And with friends in their forties and fifties, I find I am now surrounded by folks who need occasional assistance in reading the menu, tiny font of ingredients on the back of a jar of tomato sauce or general reading of fine print. So I set out to find them the coolest reading glasses that are funky, but not too crazy, contemporary without being too mainstream and comfortable without being too old person.

I found it all in Amy Sacks Eyewear.

The website describes the collection as "a thoughtful grouping of varied but classic shapes in gorgeous colours."

What I like most about the lines that they have created are they are seemingly simple designs, but are universally flattering in a beautiful array of colours.

They are also affordable, which means that you can get a couple of pairs (trust me, you're going to want a couple of pairs at least!) to accessorize your outfits and moods.


And a portion of the profits are donated to The Pixie Project - a foundation built by Ann and her daughter, Amy, to provide veterinary services for low-income families.

Double yay!

The collections are named after folks, so you can a pair of Kelly's, Kendall, Syndey or even Stef (great name!).

I got Dylan in Avocado, which are a classic frame in the most sumptuous green you've ever seen (you can get them in a range of beautiful earthy tones). They are so flattering to all face shapes and sizes (I got friends and family to try them on) and will look modern no matter the trends of the day or your vintage wares.

And the Alex collection is drop-to-your knees gorgeous! The glasses have a long and lean look to them, but have character and weight to them, without being too heavy in look or feel. The frames have this pearly opaqueness to them that is so captivating that you will be fending off people asking you where you got them.

I got a pair in Tangerine, which cast a beuatiful glow on your skin and really brighten up any outfit. But it's Sea (pictured) that has captured my heart the most! The turquoise frame looks like glass softened by the water. You just want to run your fingers over them and feel their cool smoothness.


And there is a new collection of Bamboo frames with new colours that you should check out - beautiful and sustainable! Fanfreakintastic! And look - reading sunglasses as well as regular sunglasses - they've thought of everything!

All glasses are available in magnifications from 0.75 to 3.00

Amy Sacks, where have you been all of my life and if you ever do frames for thick prescription glasses like mine, I'll be over in a New York minute placing my orders!

Multiple, multiple orders.

Stephanie Dickison

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