Travalo - Finally Bring Your Scents on the Go

Traveling used to be such a pain - remember the time when luggage didn't have wheels?

But now innovations have allowed for travel-size deodorant, organizing pouches in every size, boarding passes on your phone and online check-ins. It's pretty sweet.

One area that hasn't really caught up is perfume. We still have to buy full-size bottles and:

1. you can't travel with them, due to liquid restrictions
2. you don't want to take a chance of your gorgeous Chloe, Marc Jacobs or Palio bottles breaking and spilling all over your clothes.

That's why you've got to get Travalo

It's the first travel bottle I've seen that you don't have to use a funnel or waste perfume with spilling it everywhere. The refilling method is actually amazing - you take the spray head off your perfume bottles, and put the Travalo on it. Press it down to fill. Repeat pumping action until it's full.

Each bottle holds 50 sprays, so you'll smell lovely from the moment you step on the plane until you return home. But instead of spraying your scent on, as many atomizers do, the Travalo distributes your fragrance through a rollerball, which I've always thought is a much better way to apply perfume, as you can direct it better and don't waste any product.

I love that it's the size of a small mascara, so you can pop it in your cosmetics bag or purse without it taking up valuable real estate (that's saved for all the wares you're going to buy while abroad) and it comes in 10 fashionable colours, so go ahead and colour-code your scents if you want to.

And don't worry about it not being able to stand up to the jostling that comes along with travel - the container is made of aluminum, so it's ready for whatever.

And why wait to travel to use it? Pack it in your bag and use it for after work and before drinks, for post-workout and for all of those times that you wish you'd had your perfume with you.

Get yourself a Travalo now. Or actually, you might want to get a bunch. For you and for gifts. Because trust me, once you've tried Travalo, you can't live without it.

Stephanie Dickison

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