Flow Water - Top 10 Reasons to Go with the Flow

We are told that one of the most important things we can do for our health and skin is to drink more water.

And while regular tap is fine, why not choose a water that does much more?

Isn't it time that you switched to a water that's as modern as you are? 

I am captivated by Flow Water for many reasons (ten, in fact).

Here's why:

1. Incredible taste

Flow Water has a clean refreshing taste and smooth texture, making it easier to consume than tap or other filtered waters. I can drink this all day every day without tiring of it, while I am insanely bored by "regular" water after just one glass.

2. Deeply hydrating

I can drink tap or filtered H2O all day long, but rarely do I feel actually hydrated. One 500ml carton of Flow Water and I am thoroughly quenched.

Even during this insane heat wave and humidity we've been experiencing.

What a difference.

3. Jam-packed with natural electrolytes

Our body is made up of electrolytes - also known as "ions" - and includes essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium carbonate. They help to keep your body hydrated and in balance and affect how your body functions.

When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. "Regular" water doesn't come with any, which is why you see so many people guzzling sports drinks like its water. It's shocking. Filled with sugar and artificial flavours, these "health" drinks aren't healthy at all.

So how cool is it that  you get your electrolytes naturally and healthfully with Flow Water?

4. Naturally high pH 

Scientific studies have shown the health benefits of making your body more alkaline. It helps stave off health problems and disease.

Many of us tend towards a more acidic diet, so while changes in diet would be great, this water helps balance things out in the meantime. All completely naturally.

5. Completely natural

Many waters are processed. Flow Water comes from a spring on a family property in Ontario, Canada. Essential minerals, electrolytes and an alkaline pH collect naturally in the limestone aquifer. 

6. Eco packaging

The non-PET, BPA free Tetra Pak paper carton is made from paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests, which happens to have one of the lowest carbon footprint. That outweighs those plastic bottles you've been buying by a gazillion. 

7. Stylish body

The packaging might be eco, but the rectangular shape (Aren't you so tired of round bottles already? Yawn.) and silver exterior makes it a chic fashion accessory.

8. Portable + packable

Available in two convenient sizes -  500mL and 1L - you can stay hydrated no matter how long the trip.

And thanks to the awesome square corners and beveled edges, they pack themselves neatly into your bag/tote/shopper.

9. Easily accessible

Flow Water is available at thousands of retailers across Canada, so you don't have to go traipsing across town to make a special trip to find them. Phew. 

10. Exciting

Drinking "regular" water isn't exciting at all, but sipping on this naturally alkaline spring water absolutely is.

So shop Flow Water now.

Stephanie Dickison

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