Improving Your Life Now, and in the New Year


I want you to know that I am really trying to find new products that are not only exciting, but that will improve your life and make it simpler.

We are heading into the new year and this year, I’m going to do everything I can to make things better – me, you, the planet.

So here are a few exciting products to get you started (Get one for yourself and be sure to get a couple of extra for gifts). And just wait ‘til you see what else I’ve found!

It’s going to be a great year!

Warmest wishes,

Stephanie Dickison

Flote Performer

So you want to go for a walk or a run, but you don’t want to lug your big purse or laptop bag with you. You need something small and convenient. Perhaps even something that’s hands-free.

That’s where the Flote Performer comes in.

It’s a very sporty pouch that clips on to practically anything, allowing you to carry your essentials – keys, ID, money, credit cards, gym pass, etc. – and not have it weigh you down or require your hands.

Just think – you can attach it to your luggage, inside another bag, on your dog’s collar, on the front of your shopping cart – it is basically a wonderful, portable helper.

And if you like, you can easily remove the clips and have it be an extra pouch for purse or travel.

The thick neoprene is sturdy and comes in lots of colours with 3 stripes on the front. In fact, it is so sturdy that it has been designed not to bounce when you’re exercising. Hmm - perhaps a good place to keep your mp3 player then…

And owner and designer of Flote, Jill Mara, is offering Knack readers a discount of 25% off!!! Just go to the contact page and let them know you read about Flote here. Thanks, Jill! That's really exciting!

Rhodia Reverse Book and Quo Vadis Habana Journal

Personalized products that fit your lifestyle have become a way of life and a fantastic example of this is the Rhodia Reverse Book – a notebook with grid paper that can be used either with the spiral binding on the top or on the side. This way, you can work the way that’s best for you.

Grid paper makes me think it’s more serious than lined, perhaps a holdover from high school math classes, where I tried desperately to follow along and understand the abstract drawings on the board.

And so I think it’s a good one to start the year off with – plans being made, sketches being laid out. It means business to me and the square shape ( 8 ¼ x 8 ¼”), cool cover (available in classic orange, black and metallic polypro) and 80 sheets allows me to sort through my life stuff and figure out what I need to do next.

Oh, and the pages are perforated, so I can take the important stuff with me.


The Quo Vadis Habana is a ruled notebook with a soft, soft, soft leather cover that will be introduced in the new year, along with the rest of the Habana Collection which will also offer a plain notebook, address book, and 2 agendas to keep you organized.

The satiny cream pages and sumptuous cover make this one of the nicest notebooks. And an insert in the book says it best:

“Writing is a need. We write to leave our mark, the memory of our life. We write to express out thoughts, passions, and feelings… everything we experienced. We put together our story and pass it down.

As the activities increase in out fast-paced lives, we are always looking for more time for ourselves. Time to take a real break, focus on our well-being , and experience a unique moment.”

The Jimi Wallet, Jimmy X and Jimi Multi Media Case

Organize yourself with a Jimi. You won’t be disappointed.

There are many, many reasons to love the Jimi.

These are not just incredibly cool cases but they are recycled AND recyclable, and “and 1% of its sales revenue is invested in the environment. “.


And the people at Jimi are not only thinking about simplifying your wallet, but making it easier to store and carry your memory cards and game memory sticks.

The way it works is the colourful (and water resistant) plastic cases store your money, credit cards or as mentioned, memory sticks.

The Jimi is the basic case for your money and cards – they have this really neat internal system that allows your cards to come out and go back in with ease, something that not every company offers. The Jimi X has an external money clip, but I’ve found it useful to clip it to the inside pocket of my briefcase or purse. And just think – you could clip it to your belt even. A great travel option, I think.

I’m using the Jimi and the Jimi X for holding all of the extraneous cards that you have to card around these days – video rental card, health card, and I seem to have acquired a number of points cards in the hopes of getting something great one day. Ha ha.

I have tried a number of card cases in my time, but these are definitely my favourite. And I like the bright coloured material. It is soooo nice from the usual black leather-like stuff from the nineties.

And the Jimi Multi Media Case is an absolute saving grace as well. I not only have a smart phone but am testing out phones and systems all the time. In addition, I have my mp3 player so I have all of these teeny little cards to go along with them. And my guy? You don’t even wanna know.

Let’s just say I’ll be buying these in bulk for all the gadgets that are loping around the house.

You wouldn’t know it by just looking at them on their sides on the countertop, but Jimi just about saved my life and sanity. Oh, and time of course.

Isn’t that the kind of wallet you want in your life?

Stephanie Dickison

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