Mmm. Whomi Agendas for 2008 Make Managing Time A Real Treat!

I love a calendar system that does all the thinking for you and then you just plop in your information!

That’s clarity and order and time management, if you ask me.

And one company that clearly has their thinking cap on is Whomi.

Their luscious 2008 Colour-Coded Clarity Agendas are not only beautiful to look at, but so easy to use and thus, it keeps you on track like nothing else!

It’s fairly small for an all in one planner, but don’t worry – there’s still room for you to record your appointments. There are 2 sizes – original and compact – so you can choose what words best for your lifestyle,

I love the clear vinyl wallet feature, because most systems don’t have one and you can use the inside cover as a pocket to keep notes and business cards on hand! Also the prints to choose from are just lovely. The retro is perfect for the minimalist and I think textile is great for anyone who loves interior or graphic design or simply loves fashion and fabrics.

On the inside cover is a monthly calendar to give you an overview of where you’ve got to be and when. And the back holds your spiral-bound planner that separates your appointments from weekly projects and is colour-coded, so you can have one for each family member, activity, project, or schedule (Just imagine – you can finally separate your work and family schedule clearly and easily. Hallelujah!) – however YOU want to set it up.

That’s what’s so great about the Whomi Clarity – it is customizable to your lifestyle, needs and interests, and I think this is what is really important when getting an agenda. It’s got to fit to your life, not the other way around.

And another fantastic creation from Whomi is the What to Do Pad.

These colour-coded notepads totally keep you organized and on the ball (well, you have to read them first, but you know what I mean…).

It’s all kept in one spiral –bound notebook, but within the covers lay 3 distinct, different coloured notepads. There are 2 versions – shop, call, do and buy,contact, do – and now, list making has just become that much more manageable.

And you can’t really mess it up – each page says which it is (shop, call, do) and each one is a different colour (marigold, cherry and sky blue) so you can keep track of what you need without having a bunch of old receipts and opened, crumpled envelopes sticking out of your purse.

When you think about that method, it’s a wonder we have been able to get anything done up until these wonder pads…

I love my Whomi paper products. It’s like a whole new world.

Colour-coded and everything.


Stephanie Dickison

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