Discover Soft Skin This Winter with Olivella's Nourishment Cream

Ooh, it's chilly out. And as a result, my face is uber dry.

But not for long, thanks to Olivella's Nourishment Cream.

This incredible moisturizer can be used day and night and not only battles the cold weather, but the signs of aging. The emulsifiers derived from olive oil keep your skin supple and soft without even a hint of greasiness. I love that it absorbs as soon as you put it on and it makes a fantastic base for your makeup. And that it's made from natural ingredients such as shea butter, chamomile extract and sunflower seed oil, to name just a few.

Free of any gluten, parabens and colourants, your skin will look and feel revitalized and rejuvenated. All for less than $20. So you're getting what you get in that department store cream, except without all the chemicals and for way, way less money.

Oh, and the light summery scent makes the ritual of putting on the cream first thing in the morning and right before bed such fun. It's like a romp through a garden in your favourite gauzy dress!

You can see why I love it so. Buy Olivella's Nourishment Cream now.

Stephanie Dickison

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