Olivella's Bar Soaps Are So Nourishing, Your Shower Time's Now Doubled

Are you still buying cheap drugstore soap that's filled with chemicals? I bet it's not even something that you think about, it's just an automatic thing you add to your grocery list and pick up on your next trip out. But I'll tell you - washing with a good quality soap every day not only changes the look and feel of your skin, but it'll change you too. You might even find yourself singing in the shower despite the dark and insanely early hour.

One of the best soaps to try are Olivella's Face & Body Bars. These wonderful soaps deliver only the very best to your skin - 100% virgin oil oil, water, glycerin from virgin olive oil and some fragrance - so you're no longer slathering yourself head to toe in chemicals and gross ingredients. Which means you get a rich lather, a clean feeling and you smell amazing. All without the use of anything harmful. And the bonus of a wallop of antioxidants and anti-aging properties, to boot.

You can get Fragrance-Free if you like, but you'll be missing out on the most beautiful scents - Lavender, Pomegranate (pictured above) and Verbena!

I can't help you to sleep in any longer, but I will say that these incredibly soothing, energizing soaps will make your mornings a little easier. And maybe, just maybe you'll work on that number for Don't Forget the Lyrics and get through "Super Bass" by Nicki Manaj without slipping up.

Stephanie Dickison

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