Say Hello to Softer, Smoother Skin with Olivella's Hand & Body Creams

My skin needs a lot of extra attention in winter.

Since I don't drive, I walk or take transit everywhere. Which often means my skin's right out in the elements - snowstorms, rain pelting down, whatever mother nature brings. So it gets mighty rough and raw. Especially after all the cleaning, cooking and washing I do.

So I need the "good stuff," products that will sink in and make a difference quickly. Hand cream that will hold up to me working with paper all day (how drying is that?) to outside in the cold to elbow deep in hot water doing dishes.

Yeah, I'm asking a hell of a lot, but Olivella is up to the task.
Olivella Hand Cream uses 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which if you've ever got any on your hands, you'll know it softens you skin as soon as you rub it in and doesn't leave behind a greasy feel at all. So you can imagine my delight in finding something to get my hands silky again. This light green (from the olives, of course) luxury-in-a-bottle absorbs quickly and has a wonderfully fresh scent.

And let's not forget the body. Even though I'm not out and about without a stitch of clothing on, my legs and arms do dry up during these snowy months. So I'm keeping everything supple thanks to Olivella's Body Cream. It feels so good to apply this lightly-scented green cream that you might just want to put it on once in the morning and once before bed. But you won't need to. Put it on the once and just see how plump and soft your skin becomes.

You can see why I adore Olivella's products. Check out their Daily Facial Cleansing Tissues, Face & Body Soap and their Bar Soaps too. In fact, just shop the entire store. At these prices, you can't afford not to!

Stephanie Dickison

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