Olivella's Face & Body Soap Really Turns Back the Clock

Back in September, I told you about Olivella's amazing bar soaps

Well, the goodness continues with their vast line of products! Check it out:

I had run out of liquid hand soap in the bathroom, so I grabbed the bottle of Olivella Liquid Face & Body Soap as a temporary replacement. A week later, I'm out with my Mom and I look down at my hands and am utterly shocked by how unlined they are. Whose hands are these? I show them to my Mom to verify that I'm not crazy, that it looks like I've suddenly got the hands of a teenager. She can't believe it either, but she concurs - my hands are beautiful and smooth like a doll's.

I race through my mind to what hand lotions I've been using. Hmmm, none. That's weird. And then I remember the Face & Body Soap

We both say at the same time, "Why aren't you/I using on your/my face and body?!"

I'm going to and I'll let you know the results, but in the meantime, if you want stunning hands, all it takes is this beautiful anti-aging soap that smells incredible.

Get a bottle of Olivella Face & Body Soap and just see how many years you can take off simply by washing up!


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