Personalize & Customize Your Gifts This Season!

Show you care this holiday season with personalized and customized gifts. I've got a few that may help you out with those last names on your lists!

Happy Shopping!

Letter Perspectives

I think that words and names have finally started to get the attention they deserve. And what better way to display your name or a word that means so very much to you than with a name frame of letter photos?

Black and white or sepia photographs of everyday objects are suddenly transformed into letters of the alphabet. An "S" forms from a curved sofa leg, an "E" is seen through fantastically fashioned branches.

You can pick your own theme - nature, sports, rustic - and select each letter yourself. Choose from Framed Letter Signs and Premium Frames Signs or produce your own Custom Stationery.

Just think about how thrilled the recipient will be when they receive their Personalized Name Art!

Just like I was! The absolute beauty and wonder of the photos will have you memorized for long enough that your tea gets cold and you've missed a couple of phone calls. The frame itself is gorgeous and the matting is done so superbly, it looks like you have spent many hundreds of dollars! It is amazing to see "Stephanie" come out of regular objects like wires and trees and I find myself looking at it many times throughout the day.

That's why it's here in my office, where I can see and enjoy it everyday.

It is truly original and one of the best presents that you can give someone. Get yours now.

Mabel's Labels

I wrote about Mabel's Labels awhile back, but they have since come out with a new product - Mama's Cards.

These cards allow moms to give out their email, phone number and address quickly and effortlessly, without having to search for paper and pen amongst the toys, cookie crumbs and whatever else happens to be in your bag that day. You can choose from a range of colours and designs that express the real you. It's a great time saver and a way of keeping in touch with those you meet on the playground, in gymboree or picking up the kids after school.

Rollout Custom Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back bigtime, but have you noticed how everyone's getting the same damn designs?! Fear not now that Rollout Custom Wallpaper is here.

The colours and designs will blow your mind and change your life!

You can choose from Custom, Artist Series and Print Your Own Artwork. Isn't that incredible - original artwork on your walls from ceiling to floor!

I love the detailed design of Parrot Fly. The seafoam green against the olive background is stunning as are the curvature of lines and small dots that become almost fur. For a whimsical and artistic look, Coral with Eyeflowers' ethereal and spare paper is completely original. For a kids room, you just can't get any better than the do-it-yourself colour Adopt-a-Monster! Am I too old for this one? And though I haven't decided which room for it to go in, I am enraptured with Sultry Hair. With the large faces and warm browns, it probably is a hallway or bathroom paper, but wouldn't it be great to have it in the bedroom?!

Rollout is one of those places that once you find it, you just can't imagine buying regular wallpaper again.

And why would you when you have this beautiful stuff to choose from or can create your own?


Stacey Claire Boyd

Personalized stationery, invitations and announcements are so easy to do now, thanks to companies like Stacey Claire Boyd. You pick out the format - holiday card, baby announcement, wedding invitations, etc. - then pick out a design and put in the information you want to show and presto! You've got a personalized item that looks professional and fun without having to do any of the work - the layout, formatting or printing!

Check out the birth announcement with baby blue gingham border, monogram and photo. And these bat mitzvah invitations are spectacular - white with brown border wrapped in a floral paper band, completed with a green ribbon tied in a bow.

Whatever the occasion, personalize it with your own photos and select patterns and designs that reflect your personality. Really, is there any other way?

2Jane Co.

Unless you're one of the few that has a spectular view out your window, chances are your windows are pretty blah.

But you can change all that with 2Jane Co.'s Emma Jeff's Window Films!

This fabulous, innovative idea gives new lease to your space and the designs are so delicate that you can still see out the window and yet, now they are just so much more beautiful than they ever have been!

Just peel and stick on any windows or mirrors or do your filing cabinet or appliances! There are no rules, only beautiful designs!

Get the sample set to try them out and see what designs you like most, or delve right in and get Clover, Delphi, Flowers & Lace, or any of the other amazing designs offered.

I am going to do our tiny little bathroom window and out big bedroom window as they just look out to a windowless building next to us. I think I'll also do a little in my office on my filing cabinet and maybe even do a big vase in the kitchen for a little added oomph!

Once you see how beautiful and versatile these films are, you'll be just as enamoured as I am! Shop for your here.

Stephanie Dickison

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