Mabel’s Labels Organize Everything

Originally designed to label kid’s sippy cups, clothes, etc., Mabel’s Labels soon found a home for us adults who are constantly trying to stay on top of all of the paper, clothes and assorted belongings we have accumulated.

Despite always donating or recycling stuff, I am always awash in piles of stuff.

So I decided to label it all.

And what a difference it made.

I love the Adult Packs of Labels – it pretty much covers everything you could need to organize!

The Neat Freak Combo addresses most areas of the house, and if you saw our house, you’d see the dire need for the Cord Control Pack.

But what I really want is the Write On Stationery Kit. I don’t care that it’s meant for kids - it is too cool for school and would love to send these out!

I got Skinny Mini labels with my name on them and I stuck them on everything despite being the only one working in my office (they can go through the dishwasher and are microwave safe, if you wanted to use them elsewhere!).

Sometimes it’s just nice to know that something is yours and yours alone.

See the whole Mabel’s Label’s Collection here and get yourself organized - finally.

Stephanie Dickison

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