The Palm Centro Smartphone Lets You Work and Stay in Touch On The Go and In Style!

I have written about the Palm Smartphones before because they are simply a wonder if you want to keep in touch and work while on the go.

And these days, this isn't so much a lifestyle as a need.

I wrote about the Palm Treo 700wx and the Palm Treo 755p, but never has there been a sleeker, slimmer, more stylish Palm then the Palm Centro.

There are a lot of reasons to love the Centro:

- it's small, light and compact, which means you can slip it into your skinny jeans pocket or into the smallest clutch. No need to bring a big bag just for your phone.

- women love the Centro because it is easy to use, stylish and whether you're a Mom on the go or a young professional trying to keep in touch with friends, it's got everything you need in one small, pretty package (in a variety of colours even!).

- the colour touchscreen and full keyboard makes traditional cellphones look like chalkboards in comparison. You can use it with short or long nails and navigate easily between email, texts, documents and photos.

- text messaging has a chat-style view, making it more fun than on a traditional cell. That and having the full keyboard means that you can text in half the time!

- organize everything in your life - work, kids, errands, dates with contacts, calendar, to-dos and notes.

- the Palm Centro allows you to send and receive Microsoft Outlook email, sync your contacts and calendar and even view your documents like PDF files and edit spreadsheets.

- got a Gmail account or Yahoo! email? Access them straight from your phone.

- the navigation centre of the Centro makes it quick and easy to get around on your phone with just a few buttons. No going back and forth like traditional cellphones.

- the 1.3MP camera is fantastic and comes with video capture, so text your friends, attach photo or media with the "Add Media" button and share the memories of last night's party.

- listen to your favourite songs with the Pocket Tunes Deluxe mp3 player

There's so much you can do with this smartphone - Set up 3-way calls with just the touch of a button, visit YouTube, MySpace and your favourite sites, and use the mobile mapping to find nearby spots and get directions! Get add-on applications to customize the Centro to your needs! Voice dial or dial by photo (how cool is that?), use Pocket Quicken to track your expenses or look up words in the Small Talk Language Translator (5 languages included).

The Centro is your all-in-one assistant, phone, media player and camera!

With 64MB of memory and up to 4GB of memory available via a microSD card (sold separately), you can listen to music, watch videos and email friends all with great ease and speed!

Isn't that just the kind of thing that you're looking for? Doesn't that just blow your traditional cell out of the water?

I love the whole Palm family, but with the Centro, I think it's the perfect tool for the gal on the go (And for the fellas reading this post - Don't get me wrong, I think you'll like it too. It's just that the keys are awfully small. But hey, come and give it a go too!)

And so make life easier with one pretty little accessory. You'll be so glad you did!

Get yours now - Worldwide and US buyers, Canadian shoppers.

Stephanie Dickison

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