Special Technology Report: The Palm Treo 755p From Telus Rocks My World!

Not too long ago, I wrote about the wonders of the Palm Treo 700wx.

Well, Palm has gone and done it again with their new Palm Treo 755p smartphone, exclusively available at Telus in Canada (check your area for availability)!

This beautiful little number gives you everything you need to work on the go - automatic updates to your email, calendar, contacts and task information, Google Maps for mobile, as well as the latest Treo design with “integrated antenna, slimmer form factor and mini-SD slot.”

The newest member of the Palm Treo family offers the latest Palm OS software as well as it’s the first Treo in Canada that’s integrated Google Maps for your phone. So you can hop in the car and follow the directions to your destination, even search for local restaurants or locations and even get a map for the addresses in your Contacts list! My friend Wayne could sure use this feature!

I love the touch screen and there’s now voice-activated dialing and one-touch speakerphone and conference calling! Woo hoo! Thank you for making it easier and more efficient to make calls while on the go!

I loved being able to get my email on the go, which I think is becoming more important to those of us who work while outside the office. And being able to browse the internet comes in awfully handy – thanks to the Treo’s technology, it’s fast too! Texting on it is incredibly fast and easy as well.

I love that you can get a call while looking up something on the net, instead of some phones, where the call goes directly to voicemail.

I like the full QWERTY keyboard and find it really easy to type, but I think it might be harder for those with big fingers. I find it makes texting and emailing incredibly easy.

Oh, and the camera? Freakin’ fantastic! This 1.3-megapixel digital camera and video recorder is so great that I am using photos that I took with the Treo for my forthcoming book! I love that you can zoom, which is a feature missing from most phones. It is also incredibly easy to organize and share photos, which I truly appreciate.

I think the Palm Treo 755p smartphone delivers everything you need, whether you area frenetic business person or just someone that wants to stay in touch while on the move.

It is incredibly easy to use, so even if you’re not that technologically savvy, you’ll be able to use all the features – phone, wireless email, and thanks to a built-in web browser (using TELUS’ Wireless High Speed EVDO network), the internet. You can listen to music or watch videos or work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

And with the package I got:

Talk 150/1500 minutes and Unlimited Nights and Weekends from 6 pm to 7 am, Business Bundle 9 (caller id and voice mail), Unlimited Text messaging and Email and Web 100, with 1024 MG (1G)

I was ready to rock and roll.

And oh yeah - get some work done too!

Whatever you need to do, you can do it with the Palm Treo 755p.

Can you say that about the phone you’re currently using? Check out all the details at TELUS.

Stephanie Dickison

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