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It's so freakin' hot out.

I'm talking baking, frying heat. 

Most folks never want summer to end. I'll take frolicking near the beach, sunshine for days, gauzy dresses, dinner and drinks on the patio, daylight that extends well into evening, and long weekends for sure, but I'm not a hot weather kinda gal. 

It's probably because I don't enjoy sweat or sweating and I like feeling clean and fresh and all times.

I switched to natural deodorants a couple of years ago and while it might seem like I'm very late to the game, it's only because I had a hard time finding natural ones that worked. Actress Judy Greer shared her struggle with non-toxic formulas in July's In Style Magazine. On the anxiety of shooting her first on-screen sex scene: 

"First off, I was nervous-sweaty and was wearing earth-conscious deodorant. (Note to self: Next time wear some super-powered deodorant, like the stuff they made in the '80s.)"

She goes on to say, "And my armpits smelled like grass."

Sigh. I hear you JG. This is what happens periodically with some good-for-you brands. Here you are trying to curb any occurrence of B.O. - or worse, B.B.O. - and save the goddamn environment, and while you're showing off your killer dance moves at a friend's wedding, you detect it. Sweat smells. Coming from YOU!

Not only is being clean critical to me, paramount is smelling clean too.

So you need a deodorant that works

I can't say if Spruce Naturals Deodorant will work for you, but it does for me.

Did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for a product’s chemicals to enter your body? 

This led the founders of Spruce Naturals to find not just a natural alternative, but create a "safe, natural deodorant that actually worked." That means no aluminum, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and artificial fragrances. Phew.

Their 100% natural, organic formula is quite different than ones I've tried in the past. 

The soft flaxen stick has almighty and powerful Organic Coconut Oil which everyone and their trainer swears by its transformative powers on skin. It doesn't just moisturize either - it's a powerful force against bacteria, which when you think about that close, tender area under your arm, you wouldn't want anything else (This is the first natural deodorant I've seen with coconut oil - I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of these on the market soon).

Extra soothing and smoothing comes way of Organic Shea Butter.

And though by no means an anti-perspirant, you do get wetness protection thanks to Organic Arrowroot Powder and Baking Soda (also a natural deodorizer, as you may have witnessed taking place in your fridge over the years). Even on intense hot days and b-r-u-t-a-l workouts, Spruce helped keep me dry. 🙏

Part of the texture and formula come from  Organic Carnauba Wax. It goes on soft and creamy, but there's a trick. When I first tried it, there were crumbly bits like English muffin crumbs. This won't happen if you just hold it against your skin for a few seconds to warm it up. Easy. And no white streaks either. 

There are three scents to choose from. Normally my go to would be English Lavender, but Lemongrass Pine showed up at my doorstep. I admit I was trepidatious. As much as I love lemongrass, I did not want to smell like pho. Especially on a sweltering day.

But the blend of Organic Essential Oils they use are subtle enough that you don't detect it apart from the initial application and it's more pine-y than anything else, which I love. The oils don't just cover up odour either, but instead help keep you fresh. No smell either way.  p.s. There's also Unscented.

I like that Spruce just makes deodorant. This shows their commitment to their product. They're also handcrafted in the U.S., certified vegan and cruelty-free. 

And the packaging isn't just smart looking, it's damn responsible too: 100% recyclable plastic container, vegan ink on 100% Tree Free/100% Fair Trade Certified paper.

I'm so impressed. No matter how sweltering, how punishing my sesh at the gym (seriously, it's insane), Spruce Naturals Lemongrass Pine has got my back. And isn't that all you're asking of your deodorant?

If you try it and aren't as smitten (FYI - not gonna happen), get in touch within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund.

Note: Currently shipping only within the U.S.

Stephanie Dickison

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