NEW OPI California Dreaming Collection - Going Back to Cali

I'm fascinated by California. The juxtaposition of natural and fake beauty is mesmerizing.

I wouldn't want to live there, but I'll take the weather and those palm trees though. The laid-back casual vibe, warm summer breezes, and year-round-tan is mighty enticing for those of us living in climates where it snows five months of the year. Sigh

It's no wonder inky clothing isn't as enticing  on the west coast - not only does it not show off a tan, you'd be sweltering if you wore your usual head-to-toe ebony in "The Golden State."

OPI's NEW California Dreaming Collection features delectable hues that traverse the entire state from NoCal to SoCal, so get ready for bold colours, modern nudes, sunny palettes, and shimmery sunset palettes. Consider these fetching pigments your vacay everyday.

These 12 vivacious shades of candy pinks, pale neutrals and a few luscious darks take you from day to night, boardroom to bedroom, coffee to cabernet.

And because they're from the number one salon brand worldwide - OPI,  they're rich (you can absolutely get away with just one coat), luxe, and long lasting (the only kind of chips you'll be dealing with are the delicious tortilla and potato kind). And their famous ProWide Brush gives such effortless, flawless coverage, you'll be done with time to spare (told you it was a vacay).

Check out the hella good collection that puts you in a California state of mind:

- A griegy nude is always in season, and Feeling Frisco is no exception. This pale, cool number sets the tone.

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia, a dusty rose peach is THE colour of summer.

- By adding a titch more rose to Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia, you get Excuse Me, Big Sur! And of course, just because there is a slight difference doesn't mean you don't need them both. Pffft. This is also reason we both own 25 pairs of black shoes. Anyone who says they all look the same doesn't get us and never will.

- Malibu Pier Pressure isn't too frothy or flighty a pink. Instead, this flamingo shade looks decidedly modern and grown up. Just like you.

- I don't own anything orange, but Santa Monica Beach Peach is a great accent piece. Bright without being brash, it sets off a tan, blue jeans, and dark tones beautifully. Never say never.

Time for a Napa is what you'd get if you mixed bubble gum pink and warm coral. Win-win.

- The ripe, bright raspberry of GPS I Love You is joyous no matter what time of day.

This is Not Whine Country addresses the age old problem of magenta being so damn tough to pull off and pair. This one's  just right.

 - I predict that the stunning coral of Me, Myselfie & I (pictured above) will prove as popular as OPI's best-selling Cajun Shrimp. I can't stop wearing it. Not only is it bright yet not too bold, it's uber flattering and looks phenomenal even against head-to-toe black. Mwah.

- Two of the biggest finishes in interior design and fashion right now are rose gold and copper. Sweet Carmel Sunday doles both out in spades, with a gorgeous glimmering glow to boot.

To the Mouse House We Go! This nod to Anaheim's Disneyland is a juicy, flattering red that you can wear for life. Truth.

- Grey polish is one of the most exhilarating ways to modernize your look. It looks fresh and futuristic no matter how light or dark you go. Don’t Take Yosemite for Granite mixes slate with mauve, finishing with a pearly shimmer for a mystical, captivating lacquer you'll never tire of.


The dreamy California Dreaming Collection by OPI with all its deep sunset and palm tree feels, is available in both classic Nail Lacquer and Long-Wear Infinite Shine (no light three-step gel lacquer system) formulas at Professional Salons, as well as Beauty Brands, beautybrands.comChatters, Dillard’s, Regis, Sally Beauty, ULTA,,  and Macy’s, so shop now.

p.s. Love the breezy print above as much as I do? Shop This is Cartt Photography.

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