Deborah Lippmann - Get Naked

When Naked by Deborah Lippman nail polish arrived at my door, I was crestfallen.

It was so similar in the bottle to my beloved Fashion lacquer that I put to the test back in 2012 and have been counting on its griege-y allure on the regular ever since, that I thought it was the same shade.

Oh how wrong I was.

Naked is a sheer, clean, bare beige with a hint of dusty rose, resulting in the ultimate feminine shade. And the added bonus? As flesh-toned shoes extend and elongate your stems, this natural beauty transforms your fingers into long, elegant stunners. Think of a ballerina's barely-there pink shoes and tulle. The way pale suede looks and feels. It's irresistible.

This sophisticated hue is the perfect finish to any outfit. Not too muted not to be noticed, but subtle enough to be entirely captivating, it's one helluva seductive number.

I keep reaching for dark varnishes in keeping with this season's looks, but this shade is just too fetching.

Try it for yourself and see what I mean. You'll want to be naked all year long.

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Stephanie Dickison

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