Dr. Dana Stern Nail Renewal System - 3 Easy Steps = Breathtaking Nails

Taking care of your nails should not have to:

1. include complicated systems and/or a multitude of products
2. be time-consuming
3. require you to be savvy at nail art
4. cost a fortune
5. drive you so mad, you give up and go get a cocktail

All of these things have occurred after my attempts at previous nail collections that promised to bring my tips back to health.

So I admit I was rather skeptical when Dr. Dana Stern's Nail Renewal System arrived. Promises, promises, I scoffed. But my nails have never been more cracked and whipped than this winter. I don't know what happened - it seems they just wanted to curl up under the covers, and anytime I brought them out to scrub pots or move furniture, they gave me the finger and went right back to splitting, breaking and generally falling apart.

I had to believe that something somewhere would set them right again.

Dr. Dana Stern to the rescue! Not only a leading dermatologist with offices in Manhattan and the Hamptons, Dr. Stern is one of just a few that specialize in hand and nail health. Finally, someone that understands the intricacies of our nails.

Her Nail Renewal System is remarkably easy to follow, takes next to no time from start to finish, and all three products are packed with botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils.

It's also the first nail treatment to incorporate glyoclic acid in the formulas. All components are free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Camphor, Toluene Free Paraben, Fragrance, Dye and cruelty.

The collection brings your nails back to vivid health in just minutes. Here's how:

Step 1 - Glycolic Prep For Nails

Ooh, the slim white pen applicator with soft, gentle brush is a delight to use. Simply twist the pen until you get a drop of  rich formula. Then brush an even thin coat across each nail. You need just one drop per hand, so you get 90 days supply, if used once weekly as recommended.

What's remarkable about the mixture - boasting Aloe Leaf Juice, extract of Apple Fruit and Dandelion, and Grapefruit Peel Oil BTW - is it goes on almost dry and not oily in the least. By the time you've swiped across the last nail, your tips have been prepped like the pros, and it took just seconds to complete.

Step 2 - Perfect Grit Priming Wand

This magic wand combines three surfaces, keeping things sleek and simple and no need to rummage around drawers and makeup bags looking for parts.

Each surface is clearly marked - Sides 1, 2, and 3 (head's up - 2 and 3 are on the same side).

Start with Side 1, the large grey one with the soft, sandpapery exterior. Move it across each nail just two to five times. You'll see a light powder appear on your nail. That's okay. It's supposed to happen.

Side 2 is just as effortless. Two to five swipes across each nail oughtta do it.

When you get to Side 3, you want to impose a little more force when you press down each time. As you sweep across each nail in a back-and-forth motion, you might even hear a little squeak. That too is a good thing, because your nails are getting as slick and shiny as if  set under a coat of clear polish. Not only are you now the proud owner of smooth, glossy nails, they feel as thick and strong as steel. Just like that.

Step 3 - Deep Hydrating Formula

Introducing another pen brush, this time in sleek silver. Twist the bottom until the brush at the other end is soaked through with the rich yellow solution. Brush across each nail, making sure to get the cuticle, as well as the skin just outside and around the nail.

Using healing oils (apricot, coconut, grapefruit peel, and mastic gum), and extracts (rice bran, sunflower, and rosemary leaf), nails are whipped into shape as if sent to six-week boot camp, but instead feels like returning a six-week cruise. This is in part due to Dr. Stern's proprietary Phyto Crystal Complex, made from the sap of a French evegreen tree, that saturates the nail with hydration.

And though thicker in consistency and more emollient than Step 1, the joil (gel-like oil) causes no drips or greasy feeling.

It's recommended to use once a week, though if they're peeling, up the ante. You'll get 90 days of use when used weekly.


Not only did I see results right away, this system is the most effortless nail treatment I've come across.

I was shocked and impressed to what a joy it was to use, and discover that despite applying and removing nail polish every few days - my nails remained healthy looking and impossibly shiny. Usually after a few swaps of colour, my nails are a wreck. Not with this kit in hand.

My nails look like they did before adulthood. Before washing dishes and scrubbing tubs. Before removing price stickers and all the things that ravage your nails in daily life. What a feeling.

Note: All items in the Nail Renewal System are also sold separately. Shop now.

p.s. Did you see Dr. Dana also has nail polish? Already on my wish list...

Stephanie Dickison

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