LONDONTOWN kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil - 99 Problems But Cuticles Ain't One

I used to think people who bemoaned their cuticles had something wrong with them. How self-obsessed do you have to be to worry about such a small thing when wars are being waged, cities are crumbling, and the contents of the fridge reveal only mustard, a smidge of wine and a droopy eye mask?

Now I get it.

This winter has included wind chills resulting in day-long ice cream headaches and such low temps, chapped skin doesn't just develop in mere moments, but lingers for days no matter how much lip balm and hand cream you apply.

The breaking point, I suppose, arrived as I getting reading for a holiday party last week, shimmying into a pair of sexy and very expensive glossy nylons and shredding them with my dry, sharp, hardened, ragged, jagged, raw, tender cuticles brought on by recent freezing weather. Then I ran a line through the delicate lace top I'd planned on wearing.


It was time to find a cure, and fast.

Trying a number of cuticle oils in the past, I often find them to be strong in one area, but seriously lacking in another - great feel but awful smell, works well but leaves oily residue, application is messy no matter how careful you are.

It is in LONDONTOWN, made in the U.S., that I found it all. That Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil not only met my expectations, it exceeded them.

Natasha Dillon's line of nail polishes (lakur) and nail care (kur) feature a take on an old family remedy using natural botanicals.

This healing nourishment comes in the form of Florium Complex, a rich infusion of vitamins (A & E), natural oils (evening primrose and grapeseed) and botanical extracts (chamomile, cucumber and garlic!) that improves your nails with each application, ensuring you never have to go through cuticle hell ever again. 

Drenching your nails in hydration and holistic goodness, this compound does everything from protect nails from free radicals to enhance nail growth. Just watch as your nails become as strong as you are, the skin around them becomes supple, and your nails are finally restored no matter what the weather.

But it's not just the cold that ravages my cuticles. I cook, clean, carry big boxes, lift weights, wear nail polish every day - I am extremely hard on my hands, so I need something I can count on to keep my nails robust.

Vegan, gluten- and cruelty-free Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil hydrates and conditions my nails and cuticles like nothing else. After just a few weeks of use (use it on bare nails +/or over polish), my nails can stand up to anything. So much so, I've even grown them out a little. Me, with my insanely short nails.

But it's not just the result that pleases me. It's the process:

- The formula can be brushed on, or should you prefer to apply with a dropper, there's one included in the box. I appreciate this as I would much rather use a brush, yet most of my friends prefer to dispense via dropper.

- Then there's the intoxicating clean and floral scent, a buoyant mood-lifter. I hope LONDONTOWN comes out with a perfume of this ravishing aroma because it's absolutely enthralling. It's part of what makes using it so enjoyable. I've never really "looked forward to" using cuticle products. In fact, it usually feels like a chore, which is why I haven't really been a fan. Until now. Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil is not just a beauty and wellness treatment - it's spa regimen and stress therapy in one.

It's a real treat to use. I don't know of anyone who's done all this in one formula before.

LONDONTOWN, you nailed it. I can't wait to see what you do next.

Shop LONDONTOWN kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil online. In Canada, shop in-store at Murale  by Shoppers Drug Mart, available February 2017.

Stephanie Dickison

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