Paul & Joe Beauté Summer 2017 Nail Polish Collection - Summer Lovin'

It's been a long and cold winter. And despite various efforts, I ended up wrapped head to toe in black, black, and uh, black most days.

So now that the weather's warming and the sun's finally appeared, I want to get outta this thick, heavy ebony garb and into frilly, frothy, feminine pastels, neutrals and brights.

The best place to start?

Paul & Joe Beauté Summer 2017 Nail Polish Collection featuring 10 shades of sheer delight, including a few edgy selections. Just what you need to lighten your look.

Hit refresh this season with Paul & Joe's new soothing pinks, warm cocoas, and seductive wine tones:

- It took just one swipe of French Country (30) to fall in love. This dusty rose has a hint of buff to it, making it a peachy pink that's tres sophisticay and unbelievably flattering. When's the last time you donned a neutral that was exciting? And it goes with everything. I meant to swap out to a new shade last week, but this one's just too compelling.

- Seaside Cottage (32) is tawny and modern with a greigy edge to it. Deep enough to add heft to your outfit without dragging it down, and a subtle rosiness to ensure a soft and graceful finish.

- It's been said time and again that variety is the spice of life. It sure feels like it with two juicy reds to choose from. Vinyl (33) is a cheery red that will brighten up any day and outfit.

Want something a little more dramatic? Appassionata (34) is a stunning plunge into redness, but not vampy or campy in the least. In fact, it might just be one of the best reds yet.

- And I've got to get me some of that In the Depths (35). This smoldering, creamy purple is alluring and will pop next to any grey, white, pink and blue.


Not only does this summer collection boast to-die-for shades, the nail polish comes in a stunner of a bottle (I leave mine on out on my desk). And the formula includes nourishing ingredients of jojoba, olive and safflower oils to tend to your tips and deliver a smooth, lush feel.

Ahhh, summer. Bring it on.

Paul & Joe Beauté Summer 2017 Nail Polish Collection is available at and select Shoppers Drug Mart locations, so shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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