lyeska - Why You'll Go Nuts for This Siberian Oil Based Skincare

Canadian winters are brutal. In Ottawa, you learn to walk backwards to protect yourself from fierce winds. Alberta is one of the cold places on earth, according to scientists and meteorologists. And in Toronto, you end up not just with chapped lips, but wind burned cheeks.

But that's nothing compared to Siberia, home to Oymyakon, Russia, "the world's coldest permanently inhabited town," according to The Weather Channel. And the climate on average in Siberia is "continental subarctic." I shiver just reading about it.

So when I read about lyeska's main ingredient of Siberian cedar nut oil, I was excited. Something so powerful that grows in nature under these conditions must certainly be able to not only withstand the elements of our daily life, but protect it.

To understand the potency of the Siberian cedar nut oil's health benefits, consider this: 

- Siberian cedar nut oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the Siberian cedar tree. Cold-pressing is important because the process preserves the vitamins and trace elements. 
- Each cedar nut holds enough nutrients to "give birth to a flourishing tree, even in near-arctic conditions."
- It's so rich in vitamins, there's even vitamin P in there. Vitamin P! Have you ever heard such a thing?
- Chock-full of amino acids and "citamins," Siberian cedar nut oil isn't just a massive anti-aging ingredient, it's a healing property that works well beneath the skin's surface.

But don't worry - you don't have to go traipsing off to Siberia to get it, or order some old-fashioned concoction that makes you think of the "old country." You can shop for lyeska online or at a store near you.

Lyeska’s founder Katya Hegg grew up in Russia with natural skincare options, created from "botanical ingredients gathered from their garden and the nearby forests to beautify their skin."

After moving to New York, and being disappointed in "natural" products that contained "numerous unhealthy chemicals, allergens and irritants," she went back to the botanical ingredients of her homeland and created lyeska - a simple, yet effective skincare line in Brooklyn.

The refined collection includes seven products that will bring life back to your skin using only natural and organic ingredients, with no GMOs, parabens or fragrances. No animal testing either. Just the truly wondrous stuff here, complete with eco packaging and a commitment to give back to the forests and communities where the skincare components come from. In fact, Hegg invests a portion of the proceeds "in efforts to empower local women to preserve and sustain the forests of Siberia." Talk about #girlpower.

Here's a closer look at the two I tried:

There have been umpteen articles and studies written about how vital it to use an eye cream instead of regular ol' face cream around the eye. The skin is different here, hence the reason for a different formulation.

What you want is something that moisturizes and reduces lines, but isn't heavy or cloying.

Lyeska Eye Cream is all that and so much more.

Using key ingredients of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil, Cornflower and Raspberry Seed Extract, and Arctic Root (Rhodiola - does everything from increase collagen to firm and smooth skin), rich extracts (Rice Seed, Hydrolyzed Linseed, White Tea, Olive Leaf) and Sunflower Seed Oil, the delicate area around your eyes gets recharged and rebooted, all the while luxuriating in an intense feeling of hydration that lasts all day. I was surprised to find that it helped curb my general feeling of fatigue throughout the day as well - the difference nourishment and hydration makes.

Light and silky, it's much more a spa treatment than mere skincare. And the results? The skin around my eyes is taut and bright. Even after a run of raucous late nights and impossibly early mornings, I look the picture of youth and health.

It's a miracle started in nature, brought to fruition for us modern day folks by lyeska. I am immensely grateful to both.

How can such a weightless sleek, nutty moisturizer feel so luxe and simultaneously drench your skin in a wash of lasting hydration?

Leave it to the Katya and her team to create such an astonishingly satiating anti-ager that will have you reconsidering those expensive jars filled with chemicals crowding your counter.

This magical 100% natural, 77.9% organic salve uses the power of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil, and the extracts of Rosehip Seed (get ready for softer, stronger skin), Barley Seed (buh-bye dry skin!), and Chamomile Flower (what irritation and inflammation?). That's in addition to Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Rose Flower Water, Rice Powder, Shea Butter, and a host of other good-for-you ingredients that leave your skin feeling pampered, soothed and protected, not to mention a picture of youth (you're this close to getting carded).

My skin is plump and radiant on the outside, but it's the feeling inside that is perhaps most unbelievable. It's as if a hydration system has been hooked up to deliver a constant whoosh of refreshing locked-in moisture. Even in the lowest temps, my perpetually dry skin feels hydrated like never before.



lyeska is one of the most extraordinary and unique skincare lines I've ever tried. While everyone is on the double cleansing and activated charcoal bandwagons, I'll be over here with my Siberian Nut Oil powerhouses.

Stephanie Dickison

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