LOCKNESTERS - A Bear Necessity

As soon as I set my eyes on LOCKNESTERS,  I knew I wanted him by my side always.

There’s such depth and longing in his eyes. And the details - from the curvature of his hands to the wide, strong stance of his feet - are moving. Touching, really. His back is slightly curved, giving him a sweetness and vulnerability that negates any possibility of malice. And  boy is he tall. 

There is an ease to him. He knows who he is. He’s confident but not cocky. His ears are far and wide, adding a somewhat quizzical look to him, even when he’s certain. And the kindest eyes.

He's got the best silhouette - from any and every angle. Sometimes I catch his shadow out against the tall, lean bookshelf and I’m mesmerized by his sheer beauty and intelligence. He’s full of heart and passion and intelligence, but he prefers to let others take the spotlight. A hero, not because he enters burning buildings, but he’s unabashedly good and true in every way.

While you might call him a designer toy or puzzle, he is high art to me. A rapturous sculpture that’s as striking as anything you'll hang on the wall. And certainly a place to call home.


Made in Brooklyn and created by Fleet Hower, this interactive fella comes in five numbered, three dimensional pieces. He comes apart with ease, but to lock him back in place isn't as easy as you might think. You have to make sure that each side of the thick curved segments slides into the negative space. Call it a meditation or reflection, but putting him back together is a process that might just help you figure other things out.

Whether apart or whole, the nontoxic biooplastic pieces are so smooth, you'll wish all your furniture felt this good. It's an interesting material - sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight. It looks and feels like wood, but with a modern finish and feel. The best of both worlds, I say. After being 3D printed, LOCKNESTERS gets sanded by hand, tumbled and buffed, and sealed and protected with a water-based topcoat, so he'll last a lifetime.

You'll notice he's got kind of a patchwork look to him, different pieces have different colours and tones. This is on purpose and makes each one completely unique. It also makes each curved puzzle piece distinctive and stand out.

And it doesn't just stop there - this fine fellow comes in the most breathtaking packaging I've ever seen. In fact, I saw him in the package first and it was from there that I couldn't wait to bring him to home. The stretched white contour of his form highlights his features, yet you haven't truly laid eyes on him yet. The darts of his feet poke out and his big paws remain open. The details are dazzling - the deft outline of toes and fingers, and even his nostrils and arched brow remain in full view, despite being completely under wraps. You can rest him in this numbered packaging if you like - two slips of white stretched material moulded to his unique form, held together by two black sliders. The essence of simplicity but the highest form of art. 

When's the last time you held onto the package of something for its intense beauty and gobsmacking genius? I'm adding the front piece to my wall - it's that captivating.


LOCKNESTERS Bear comes in two sizes - small and large. Get a whole bunch. Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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