Relax and Have Fun with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

A couple of months ago, my fella brought home this blue, sticky stuff that you use to put up posters. It had been at his office and he wanted to use it for something around the house.

There was a little torn off piece that was extra from what he'd needed. While watching TV one night, I started rolling it between my hands and fingers. Suddenly, I became very relaxed.

It's probably because both my parents are artists and when I was little, my Mom took me to this amazing art store and loaded me up with putty of all different colours. We spent years molding things into shape. My Mom was incredible at it - she once made a complete farm with realistic cows and horses!

After feeling such a sense of serenity out of rolling this substance in my hand, I knew it would be even better with the real thing.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is just that.

First of all, it comes in a crazy amount of colours and varieties, such as:
- Liquid Glass - Heat Sensitive Hypercolours - Glow in the Dark - Supermagnetic - Colour Shifting Illusions - Electrics - Metallics - Primaries - Classics

You can mold it, tear it, stretch it and bounce it at home, while traveling or at the office to destress in between meetings.

I got my hands on Electrics Emerald Green, which is really the most beautiful colour, and Chameleon, which changes colour when you touch it.

And it's non-toxic, so you can work it and not worry about fumes and chemicals.

It's so much fun.

I'm taking a tin over to my Mom. I think we have a few farm animals left to make...

Stephanie Dickison

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