TOPS Malibu Writing Games & Talking Sticks - Game Night Just Got More Interesting

It used to be that gatherings I held for friends and family centered around food. Now they are about sharing a meal and playing a game.

As much as I love boardgames/cards/cribbage/charades, I have found over the years that most people don't adore them quite as much ("One more round!" I have shouted at every party).

That's why you should have TOPS Malibu Writing Games and Talking Sticks on hand.

It's a fun way to interact whether you're at the cottage or in the living room. Not only will you get to know fascinating aspects of buds and family, you'll probably find out stuff about yourself along the way.

And don't think for a second that because I'm a writer, I'm better at it. Quite the opposite (same as Scrabble, Boggle and any other word games) In fact, it's always the non-writers that show off real talents at these things. 

Psst, teachers - these are fantastic for creative writing exercises!

Give these a whirl:

TOPS Malibu Writing Games

Long wooden popsicle sticks should be set in a glass or vase. Each stick hold two prompts. The host of the event is to pick a stick and everyone chooses the prompt they wish to write about. The timer is then set for 8 minutes. Which can feel like no time or too much time, depending on what you get. For example - "Write about things you can't throw away even though you never use them." I bet at least three things came to mind just now. I have a feeling "Write about what you would tell your five year old self," will be a little more challenging. Good thing you've got 8 minutes...

With 101 prompts, it will take you awhile to get through this one. Someone takes a topic stick and reads the first sentence aloud. The timer is then set for 2 minutes. At 2 minutes, the host reads the second prompt. Everyone adds the second one and continues on for 2 more minutes. The 4 minute writing game is fantastic for people wanting to explore their creativity and even better for those with writer's block or in a rut. I mean, when you've got a start like "I have always done what was asked," and "Everything seemed right just as it was," it's hard not to want to get right in there and add in the middle.

This is a lovely walk down memory lane where you can write about your favourite toy or book as a child. I bet prompts such as "Write about the activities with a grandparent or older adult" will have you remembering things that you'd long forgotten.

TOPS Malibu Talking Sticks

These sticks work a little differently. First of all, you lay these on the table. Players close their eyes and choose a stick. You answer the question  ("What is the most daring thing you've done? Would you do it again?") and hold onto the stick. Each stick is marked with a category - heart, mind, truth, discovery, dream and adventure. The first person to answer from all six categories wins.

All stick games are beautifully packaged in colourful paper and finished with pretty twine, so they are ready to bring to the party as is. Leaving you more time to play and less time to fuss with wrapping.

p.s. They also happen to have fantastic party stuff such as Party's In the Mail, the most amazing confetti collection, gorgeous pennants and tags, and a whole whack of cool stuff just in time for Mother's Day! Take a look around.


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