Haikubes Offers A Fun Alternative on Family Game Night

Haikus are a magical, ethereal form of writing that's always fascinated me. This ancient Japanese poetry continues to enthrall and challenge us. Maybe even more so now that life's become so complicated.

Much like creating Six-Word Memoirs or filling in crosswords, I find that you have to allow yourself to go through all the stages - understanding how it's constructed (17 syllables - 5 on the first line, 7 on the second line, 5 on the third line), figuring out how you're going to do it (oh lord), then moving past all of the critics in your head and all of that learning to do things a certain way and let go in order to create little moments of wonder.

Simple, right?

Haikubes is the most fun version I've ever seen for creating haikus. In the game, you get to roll all 63 word cubes that clack together like mah-jong tiles. The words on the two coloured cubes set the direction and theme of your for your haiku.

I think you'll be surprised by what you're able to come up with and construct.

And as a writer, I just enjoy looking at the cubes, thinking about the words and their individual beauty - bottle, moonlight, fortune, slips, there, parallel, hand. Sometimes it's nice to just sit and contemplate one thing at a time.

You will find how rare
In this life that shakes and rolls
That beauty can be seen here

Stephanie Dickison

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