Euphorie Des Fleurs - Extraordinary Roses That Last All Year

Imagine for a moment, your room filled with roses in full bloom.

Ahhh, the space is suddenly bigger and brighter. An injection of life and colour is exactly you what need at this time of year. This gift of nature provides not only beauty to your home or office, but a feeling of love and lightness . It's hard to feel down when you're surrounded by such bright blossoms.


Roses last just a short time. They're here and then -  whoosh! - gone before you know it. Too pricey to replace every few days, you have to wait until payday or a special occasion to enjoy this rare gift again.

Then there's sludgy vases to clean (no matter how hard you try, there's always a faint reminder of the last batch, thanks to the faint water ring), and having to trot the smelly remains out to the trash. Ugh.

To find something more permanent is tricky. Go ahead and try and get some rose bushes going, but you've got to have a garden with ample sunlight, not something available to many of us urban dwellers. And besides, you've got to have a mighty green thumb to yield beautiful shrubs. Roses ain't easy. You've got to have time and patience (no doubt you're short on at least one of those). And don't get me started on thorn casualties.

Then the amazing Euphorie Des Fleurs came along and fixed all that.

This innovative Toronto company creates exquisite luxury rose arrangements, using real roses, as well as preserved fresh roses that can last up to a year or more.

Drop the mic.

That's right. These will last longer than your beloved tube of lipstick.

Choose from nine show-stopping shades ranging from blues (Tiffany and Deep Blue) to black, pinks (Baby, Hot, and Lilac) orange and red, and the ultimate in lavishness - duo of black and gold

Each hot hue is available in week - and year-long roses in three different patterns in classic black or pink suede square and round boxes, allowing you to truly customize this unique and elegant "bouquet" to the recipient.

You can also choose to make your own arrangement.

My luxe package (pictured above) arrived with 15 sophisticated preserved Tiffany Blue roses set in a thick, sturdy black hat box with embossed gold lettering. I feel like I'm at The Ritz! 

Not only is this bunch of blossoms arresting, Euphorie Des Fleurs were made for modern folks like you and me. Wanting to enjoy the finer things in life, but seriously short on time, we want something with no fuss, no muss. Talk about low maintenance. These fit the bill perfectly:

- Don't have time to pick up a fresh spray of blooms? No problem. These will be waiting for you, looking fresh as can be for months on end. 

- Have a crazy couple of where you're barely home? Your stunning arrangement will still be in fine form when you finally do come through the door, unlike the bunch for the store than you're lucky to get five days out of.

- These tres jolie fleurs come in their own box, so you don't even have to hunt around for a suitable vessel.

- No need to try and remember to water them either - no H20 required!

- These beauties require no maintenance whatsoever, so you don't have to lift one manicured finger. Just sit back and enjoy! 

Stunning flowers AND they last an entire year? Shop Euphorie Des Fleurs now.

Psst - Don't forget Mother's Day!

Stephanie Dickison

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