Zandra Artisan Natural Skin Care - Girls Run The World. Especially This One.

The positivity and exuberance coming through Zandra Cunningham's artisan, all-natural skincare bath and beauty products - Zandra Beauty - is infectious.

In fact for me, it was love at first at sight. I fell for Zandra and her mission to give girls great skin from head-to-toe, just from her bright, cheery, inspiring packaging alone. How incredible to be greeted with these encouraging words everyday, including the reminder from For the Love of Mint Hair & Body SoufflĂ©'s "There is no one like you," and "You're perfect just the way you are," on the Lemon Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion bottle and "Just keep going... u got this," on the Japanese Kumquat Vegan Bath & Body Wash.

While the line was launched specifically for teens, her message and ingredients were made for you and I.

Zandra's all-natural skincare line boasts artisan soaps, facial bars, vegan body wash,  body lotions, deodorantshair and body soufflĂ©s, lip balms,  and sugar scrubs, so whatever you need, she's got  you covered.

Everything she makes is with the intention of "high quality, fun and fresh products that smell amazing but don't have all the unnecessary yucky stuff and chemicals."

Pop. Outta the ballpark.

But her line goes beyond just outstanding products. Her eco-friendly business out of Western New York is committed to sustainable practices. She's also all about girl's education and empowerment. And she doesn't just use it as a talking point either - 10% of all net profits are donated to support girls' education.

Zandra's passion and drive is so inspiring.

And then there's her addictive products that will make you smile. And most def make you dance.

Tale a closer look:

- Japanese Kumquat Sugar Scrub

Is there anything better than a good body scrub?

Not only does it get the circulation going, you get an instant feeling of renewal and the added bonus of soft, smooth skin.

Zandra's scrub is different than most. Gentle yet effective, this organic cane sugar scrub isn't drowning in liquids like some formulas, but it's not bone-dry either. Infused with rich oils (rice bran, sunflower, coconut) and vitamin E, you can slough off that last dry layer clinging on for dear life, while ensuring that your skin is left feeling soothed and pampered.

And that enticing juicy scent? Organic strawberry seeds and Japanese kumquat deliver an invigorating citrus fragrance similar to clementines that is as delightful as the scrub itself.

You'll feel lighter both physically and mentally after each soft polish, like a weight has been lifted. I suggest you celebrate by taking that new soft, smooth skin of yours out for a spin. 

- Bamboo Clay Clarifying Facial Bar

I don't think you could pack any more goodness into this handmade bar - it's teaming with nourishing ingredients. Oils of all kinds (olive, coconut, sunflower seed, castor seed, tea tree and lavender), butters (cocoa seed and shea fruit), clays (black kaolin, bentonite), distilled water, and organic activated bamboo charcoal. Your skin is freed of impurities and clarified, ensuring long-lasting smooth, clear skin.

It not only left my skin feeling squeaky clean, it removed my makeup too, so no extra time/steps required. Sweet.

And how good will this grey and white marbleized bar look on your counter? You're definitely putting this bar out on display.

Zandra's brilliant tip: cut the bar into smaller pieces to extend its longevity (I told you she was whip-smart).

This is the biggest lip balm I've ever seen. Like those chubby pencils for lips, eyes and cheeks, it takes just one swipe to lube your lips to luciousness. Another time-saver!

The size of a glue stick, this magic wand delivers serious hydration that sticks around, so you don't need to reapply every five seconds. Swathing your pout with this blend of shea butter, beeswax, oils (coconut, sunflower seed, avocado and castor seed), vitamin E, and lemongrass and tea tree essential oils guarantees soft, succulent lips that last all day and night.

You could get used to this.

And that citronella scent? Energizing and uplifting. Like a little piece of sunshine that accompanies you throughout the day. 

p.s. Zandra steps up the game. It turns out this miracle worker isn't just for lips, but goes to work on your cuticles, knees, elbows and even your face. To your current lip balm? Sorry, it's just not working out. Good luck in your next venture.


This amazing skincare line gets even more amazing when you discover that Creator/Founder Zandra is just 16 years old.

I don't think there's ever been a more fitting time to use #GirlBoss.

Zandra, you are freakin' amazing and so are your products.

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Stephanie Dickison

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