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It's a very grown up thing to have cotton/linen napkins. But my beautiful silk lap protectors remain in the cabinet, only making an appearance until company arrives. It's not because I don't use the "good" stuff. I use it all. I just think all that extra washing and drying isn't doing the planet much better over using a paper one.

But using a paper towel with my home-cooked Thai curries and roast chicken dinners is just wrong. I may not be creating Eleven Madison Park wonders here, but I'm still working hard to create something memorable. I want a fetching napkin I can use without worry.

I was floored the first time I laid eyes on the napkins online - they're as aesthetically pleasing as fabric. I was intrigued. 

But I had my reservations. After all, in my role as full-time food and restaurant writer, I spend most evenings in eateries and almost always, their paper napkins are abominable.

So I was in utter shock when the napkins arrived, and not only look identical to fabric napkins, they feel like it too. In fact, better. Waaay better.

Designed in Switzerland, and made in Italy, these luxe beauties however, are more than just a pretty face.

Made with premium fibre, they're super soft and silky (you'll wish your clothes felt this plush and downy), and unbelievably absorbent, which comes in handy for sopping up after  thick, messy curries, soups and stews. Don't save them for only meals cooked at home. These bad boys elevate your take-out and delivery like you wouldn't believe.

Psst - you'll save a ton on dry cleaning (have you ever tried to get our a turmeric stain?).

The complete line includes full size dinner, appetizer, and cocktail napkins. Try them in  100% compostable bambooPlacemats, table runners, and guest towels are also available. There's even bibs for the wee ones.

I can't get over the range in colour and design. No matter what your style and decor, you'll be able to match it effortlessly:

- It's impossible to pick out a favourite, but having such a soft spot for New York, the Special Edition Cityscapes Collection featuring cityline silhouettes is awfully romantic.

-  The DwellStudio Collection is an absolute must for modern pattern lovers. They're subtle enough to work with your own surroundings, but offer enough visual interest to make them stand out.

- Modern folks will also fall for the always in style clean lines of  Mod Line.

- It's impossible to tell the Deluxe Classic Napkins aren't cloth thanks to the  rich textured design.

- The hem stitching is remarkably realistic. Trust me, they'll fool your guests into thinking they're cloth too.

- This elegant and elevated floral design in an array of colours works for any occasion and season.

- Want something a little more rustic? The Kitchen Line will delight you.

- Make your table extra special on Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Holiday Collection. That being say, Frolicking Squirrels can be used year round.

- On my wish list? The unbelievable Luxe Lobster Bibs.

It's one thing to use something that's beautiful. It's another to have it stand up to all that food, wine and cocktails you're serving. I've never seen anything like it.

Add to that the fact that you can change up the look based on the occasion without a hefty investment (a set of good quality napkins can cost as much as a nice dinner for two), and you still get an incredibly sumptuous and extravagant look and feel - it's extraordinary.

the napkins will absolutely be my go-tos from now on for when I host dinner parties, potlucks, and get togethers, big and small.

And for when it's just me, tucking into a homemade, slow-cooked cassoulet or a quickly slapped together vermicelli bowl. These single-use, disposable napkins are the perfect pairing for FLOCK chicken and salads and other take-out I can't live without. In fact, I'm even breaking them out with cheap Chinese and pizza.

Because no matter what you're eating or sipping on, even it's out of a can, you deserve better than a damn paper towel.

Shop the absolutely stunning the napkin now. In the U.S.? Find a store near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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