Olang Boots - Your Winter Weather Secret Weapon

My feet have never known such warmth as when they are nestled in Olang boots.

Even in the deep freeze when eyelashes stiffen and cheeks stay flush long after you've stepped indoors, my feet feel as if they're swathed in a warm sleeping bag. That's because these beauties are made to take you to -30 degrees Celsius, so you'll be toasty whether you're in Verkhoyansk, Russia or International Falls, Minnesota. There's a cozy lining and multilayer adjustment innersole with 90% wool  and insulating and reflective aluminium film to reflect your body heat back.

But it's not just that you'll feel hygge-ready all winter that makes Olang boots stand out from the rest. It's their superior grip. The mesmerizing built-in pivoting grip features swivelling and folding ice cleats - full-on steel studs mounted on a flexible polyurethane Italian made sole. Turn them on and off with ease - they unlock with a simple flip of a key (included in your purchase), increasing traction on ice and snow when you need it most.  So go ahead and head out when there's ice on the road - you'll be able to dig in without having to ram your heels into the ground, or alternatively, be tentative in the least. No matter what other boots are offering you, there's no way they've got this bit of magic attached.

You'll also appreciate the material: it's not just high performing, but breathable (ahhh) and waterproof (stepping over puddles is so in the past). And get this - to clean them, just use a damp cloth. Done!

And then there's the fact that despite working like an Antarctic expedition boot, they are damn stylish so you can wear them to Sunday lunch in addition to tobogganing with the fam. Zaide, Bamboo and Fashion are rather striking. Drawn to clean lines? Madga, Ziller and Kiev are simple classics. Tired of black and brown? Red, burgundy and purple selections add a pop of cheer to your otherwise inky wardrobe.

My feet are most comfortable when at an angle. Most winter boots are flat - they just won't do. So I really appreciate the Venere (pictured above) with spectacular wedge heel - something that is extremely hard to find in a hearty winter boot made for more than just work and date night rendezvous. Should you be like most people and want a flat boot, don't worry - Olang has got a whack of these too.

Speaking of comfortable, most winter boots are heavy and clunky, making walking anywhere for more than five minutes a chore. These Venere boots were made for walking - in snow, sleet, or just a regular beautiful but cold winter's day. I wear mine out and about while running errands and my tootsies feel great.

There's a ton of engineering that went into these boots. A sturdy mid-sole guarantees impact and compression resistance while reinforcement at the bottom gives support to heels and toes. he wide round toe and heel gives your feet lots of breathing room, leaving them to unfurl in comfort instead of their usual tense stance.

The lining too is soft and comfy with the bonus of providing additional heat while ensuring your feet breathe. A pair of reflective liners made with 90% wool with insulating and reflective aluminium film come with. So on those viciously cold days, slip these silver beauties in and your body's own heat will be reflected back to you, keeping you toasty while every once else shivers their way to work.

I also love the fact that while the lace-up look is white hot, you don't have to spend precious minutes lacing up like you're ready to hit the rink. Equipped with the look of laces but a zipper to actually do them up so you can be out the door in a flash. And thanks to the bellow stopping to keep the snow out,  you can actually live out your dreams to become a ski bunny now.

Olang has been around for 25 years, offers European designed boots. manufactured by an adult workforce in a a wide range of materials, colours and styles for women, men and kids, so get the whole family into these tireless grippers and stylish winterizers.

You'll finally, and forever, be able to tackle winter head on, so shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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