Pop Shoes - The Coolest Kicks. Ever.

Sneakers are so boss, they're now a part of couture runway shows and high-end street wear. 

I wanted to get in on the action, but knew my neon gym shoes wouldn't cut it.  After all, it's all about the pristine white kicks these days. And while everyone is still donning Adidas (Victoria Beckham, lady of serious heels, greeted the crowd at the end of her show in February in Stan Smiths!) and Converse, I'm already over the look. It's so done. I wanted something new, different and seriously elevated. 

Pop Shoes out of Canada has created a line of stylin' kicks in an array of colours for men, women and children (from kids’ size 11 through to men’s size 13).

Mostly outfitted in leather, Pop Shoes show off serious craftsmanship whether you decide to get high tops or smack in the middle, platforms or regular soles,  in pink, black, white or gold (!). There are five main collections:

The ultimate full-grain leather low cuts. 

Like to be above the crowd? These white leather beauties are all you need.

Featuring full-grain leather and light, supportive insoles, quality and comfort come standard with these high-top bad boys.

If you crave something a little more laid back, this is the collection for you. With a knitted body set midway between low and high cut, finished with a casual gum sole, these were made weekend jaunts and hanging out with friends and fam.

High tops aren't just for the basketball court. Especially when they feature swanky full-grain leather like this. These come outfitted with light and supportive insoles, so get ready for some serious dancing until the wee hours.

And then there's the NEW Fall Collection that has me drooling all over my keyboard - the Silver Fox,  Caleidoscopic Black, and Botanic Black are all must-haves.

Each of these stylin' kicks would be enough on just looks alone. But Pop Shoes come with a bonus feature that rocks my world.

They light up.

Tiny rechargeable LED lights set into the soles (the button is discreetly located in the shoe's tongue under the velcro flap), and offer four settings - the fast flash is the most dramatic with a rapturous flutter of firelight, with slow flash and continuous as a kind of cool additional heartbeat or backbeat to your current landscape, permanent light, and off.

But please know these are not the bright lights that you see flash and gleam on toddlers' feet. Instead, these soft white lights deliver sophisticated illumination, bringing to mind elegant rooftop patios and teeny bistros, where love occurs as often as steak frites. They are luminescent, not glaring; radiant, not intense beams of harsh light.

A full charge lasts up to eight hours which means they'll last your whole trip to the airport or a whole night out from cinq to sept drinks to the after party. Should you need to light the way further, just plug in the dual-charging micro USB cable to recharge.

My High White Chiclet Leather Pop Shoes are the first high-tops I've ever worn and I can't get enough. The sumptuous leather looks so clean and streamlined in white and I love that they come pre-laced (#Bless). The laces themselves are nice and wide and come up high on the shoe, so there's no slipping and sliding around. And the round toes aren't just fashionable - they offer my tootsies lots of room to breathe. They're comfortable on the bottom too. Unlike other high tops, there's a cushiony feel that means you can walk and/or rock it out for hours.

The thick soles are so cool on their own in the dark, but when you light them up? It's impossible not to smile and boogie while wearing Pop Shoes. In fact, full disclosure: In between deadlines, interviews and phone calls, I've been dancing like no one's watching - full on choreography happening, hips swaying, hair flailing, joints locking, lights flashing. It's like a Ciara video over here. I could go like this all night.

These aren't just sneakers. They are boss shoes and sharp kicks made with luxe materials that are a traveling marquee, lighting the way wherever you go.

Pop Shoes ships to Canada and the United States, so shop right now. You'll be dancing up a storm in no time.

Stephanie Dickison

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