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Grey skies, blistering cold temps, and dull, dry skin. At this time of year, your body and mind are just slogging along. Desperately in need of a serious injection stimulation and rejuvenation?

I found the ultimate remedy to the winter blahs in Canadian company Lines of Elan.

Founders and creators Sarah Marcus and Laura Craig enthusiasm for organic products and healthy natural lifestyles transformed into an affordable line of products that emulate the values of the meaning of Elan (energy, style, and enthusiasm), and are made with sustainable, recognizable ingredients without a stitch of chemicals or anything toxic, and are locally or fair trade sourced. Even the packaging is reusable and eco-friendly.

Truly Clean Karma Bean Shampoo and Conditioner embody the vigour and vitality of these women and their brand.

The invigorating rosemary and mint scent wakes up your skin and jolts your mind into action better than any cuppa. The scent is so enlivening, my showers have become a space to not only shake off sleepiness, but unleash my creativity. I often rush to get all my new ideas down before completely drying off.

The 100% natural & organic formulas are made with a heady blend of citrus essential oils and organic essential oils that nourishes you from head-to-toe, while refreshing and energizing you.

The just slightly sudsy shampoo does double duty as a body wash, so it's the ultimate travel companion, even for just overnights. Your hair and skin will feel squeaky clean, not stripped. That's thanks to a veritable garden of rich ingredients including purified glacier water, rich oils (certified organic olive and hempseed) and organic herbal blend (organic lavender extract, organic  rosemary, horsetail herb, sage, and nettle). Other fascinating elements - eco/natural foam from potato/coconut oils! Oatmeal protein! And powerhouses organic Chinese ginseng, sea buckthorn and blueberry extracts, to name just a few!

The moisturizing conditioner is just as luscious, boasting organic aloe vera leaf juice, ginkgo biloba leaf, vitamin B5, and of all things - salt!

Lines of Elan hair care collection also includes Citrus Cloud Shampoo and Conditioner and unscented selections as well.

Cool fact: Haircare products are waterway and septic safe, biodegradable, gluten- and cruelty-free, and vegan friendly.

To keep that bod of yours soft supple during these frosty months, get yourself You Don't Shea Organic Fair Trade Shea Body Butter. The just two ingredient salve of organic, fair trade shea butter and organic camellia oil, ensures your skin is enveloped in the very best pure ingredients without any annoying, cloying fragrances or harmful chemicals.

And the twist top, aluminum, reusable and recyclable container makes it suitable for any kind of travel, whether it's just to the gym or the top of Kilimanjaro.

Natural lip balm Menthol In Good Fun that tingles with minty freshness impresses. The thick, rich emollient  of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, beeswax, organic camellia seed, organic hemp oil and menthol crystals blasts away any dryness upon application, leaving your lips so silky smooth and hydrated, your lipstick is now flawless and your make out sessions e-p-i-c.

Not content with just revolutionizing your lips, Menthol In Good Fun also goes to work on bug bites, cuticles and those annoying little patches of dryness you've got going on.

p.s. there are also Tea Tree and Honey B Mine balms.

Lines of Elan carefully crafted line of products (which also includes soy candles and  100% Canadian wool dryer balls) is fun, energetic affordable, and made with fantastic natural and organic ingredients that you can feel truly good about using - for both you and the environment.

There's free shipping on orders over $50 in Canada, so shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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