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Ooh I love and appreciate a well put-together fella.

But I get it - men often don't like shopping, especially when it comes to clothes and accessories. Case in point: nearly all of my male besties wait f-o-r-e-v-e-r before updating their pieces +/or replacing worn out items (the holes in their socks are just the first indication). And let's face it, most guys can pick our decent enough shirts and pants for the most part, but it's tough to pick out ties and pocket squares and find cool socks that you're proud to show off,  no matter how stylish you purport to be.

So whether you want to:

1. shop for your guy (bless)
2. help update a colleague's threads (oh dear lord)
3. give a guy guidance on where to shop, without having him resort to a mall (because we both know that's not happening)

you need ESTBLSH, a Toronto-based subscription service curating accessories for the modern man. It also happens to be the first fashion box for men in Canada - woo woo!

Each month an ESTBLSH box is released, containing hand-selected items available just for said month and only for a limited time so 1. you'll never get bored of the choices and 2. you won't see it on everyone at the same time, which is what you're trying to avoid.

The beauty of this exclusive selection is not just being able to shop from the comfort of home (holla), but that the hard work of choosing and pairing, mixing and matching has been left in expert hands, so all the guy has to do is  1. get dressed.

When you think of stylish Hollywood fellas - Idris Elba, Eddie Redmayne, Morris Chestnut - they all have one thing in common: they always look sharp and pulled together whether they're in a suit or dressed more casually.

Now all a guy has to do is pull out his awesome accessories package to take his look next level.

The sturdy, glossy white gift box I received reveals:

- ESTBLSH handmade wool tie in sophisticated burgundy with burgundy and white polka dot lining
- Matching burgundy and white 100% cotton handmade pocket square by ESTBLSH
- Navy Socks featuring colourful two-toned polka dots from House of HOTSOX (adorable enough for us ladies to "borrow")

The slick box doesn't require any wrap - a simple bow will do - and allows for many options and combinations, whether the gentleman wishes to dress up or down.

Memberships are a great price ($29.99-$39.99/mth) and offered in monthly, three pre-paid and annual pre-paid subscriptions. So whether you're a fella trying to make getting dressed a breeze or looking to gift a guy a serious wardrobe update, it won't break the bank.

Subscribe by the 15th of each month to receive the current selections.

Still sheepish about commitment? Try a Sample Box for just $19.99  to see how you like it. Trust me, you'll be hooked from the get-go.

Cool curated accessories that also happen to be affordable and sent directly to your door?

This is what you've been waiting for, so shop ESTBLSH now.

Stephanie Dickison

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