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How did it get to be September already, you're asking yourself. It always arrives with a shock. 

It's not just the change in weather, but life. The stress of back-to-school whether it's for you or the kids, and/or the pressure of work ramping up from now until the holidays can wipe out any downtime brought on throughout the summer months.

Which is why the key to getting through the busyness is being organized.

The best way I know how is to:

1. write everything down
2. cross it off as you go

You may already do that on your phone and never touch paper, but I'm old school and will forever use notebooks in conjunction with all my tech. It's the one tool that has allowed me to work full-time and pursue my dreams. 

Having switched to tiny portable notebooks a few years ago, I find myself swayed back to bigger tomes, ones in which I can write freely and take up as much space I need without feeling squashed and boxed in. I 

And the chunky notebooks at Miquelrius give me that room to breathe and plan. And while you might be okay with using something utilitarian, I think you'll not only use a great notebook more, you'll  delight in the process. 

There are four kinds of notebooks available: spiralglue boundrecycled and notepads/fillers, so you can personalize them to your preference.


I like spiral bound as they're sure to lay flat, making it easier to write at length. And the choices are endless. 

If you want to be ultra organized, it doesn't get any better than the Evolution.

Go ahead and choose something plain if you like, but that doesn't have to mean it's boring. This turquoise stunner showcases one of the hottest hues of the season. 

Paisley is always a smart choice - it comes in pink and purple.

And this pinstriped heavyweight - the Diplomat - comes complete with 4 subject areas denoted with different coloured edges (because you're too sophisticated for plastic tabs).  It gives you 240 lined pages (take that office supply cabinet flimsy notepads) that are also micro-perforated and drilled, so you can take them out if need be. And the extra-opaque paper means you can use fine liners and markers without worry of them bleeding through. Choose from two sizes - medium (6.5" x 8") and large (8.5" x 11").

Aspiring artists and designers will be smitten by the Colour Palette notebook.

Should you want something whimsical, I recommend the completely adorbs Love is in the AirNo Regrets, and Yoga Mojito jewel (pictured above). And the Floral 4-subject workbook is a must too. I say get them all - they'll look way better on your desk than that dreary memo pad you've been using. 

Sometimes you need a notebook that is sumptuous but still accessible (you can't have something you deem too beautiful to use). Something that will take the weight of all your ideas and plans.

Which is where the sophisticated MR Leather Notebook Collection comes in.

Part of the Miquelrius Leather Collection, these books come with exquisite features all at an affordable price.

Handcrafted in Spain from recycled European leathers, the thin cover is soft and smooth but durable. The elastic band keeps everything together should you want to take it with you.

Choose the size (small 4.5" x 6", medium 6" x 8") and  thickness that suits you best - 100, 200 or 300 sheets. I got the 300 which makes for a very thick and heavy tome (not quite as big at the Steve Jobs bio by Walter Isaacson, but  almost),  but I'm keeping it on my desk. I would get something smaller and more manageable for portability.

You also get to select from lined, graph and plain pages. Those of you who are notebook fiends like myself will appreciate the choice. Sometimes it's a matter of preference, but often it comes down to what you're going to use the book for. Are you Bullet Journalling? You probably want graph or plain paper. If you're making lists, lines might be the way to go. It comes in two colours - black and red.

What truly makes Miquelrius stand out for me here is the 7mm lines. Nice wide lines are a rarity these days. Being just a bit taller than the average ruled page, there is a freedom here that allows me to be creative and loose. What a difference it makes, as does the extra-opaque paper, so I can change up my writing instrument, depending upon my mood or the project I'm working on.

For a glue bound book, it lays surprisingly flat, so I'm able to write with abandon without having to secure one half. And rounded corners add elegance, because style is imperative no matter what the item.


Miquelrius has been making notebooks since 1839. The quality and workmanship still shows but designs have been updated to work with your lifestyle.

With so much room to write, the possibilities are endless, so shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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