Mineheart Oud Wood Scented Candle - Luxury You Can Bring with You Room to Room, Coast to Coast

"We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with everyday should be more than just functional, they should be made of stories, love, art and poetry in order to meaningfully exist..." 

Designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia launched Mineheart, the home of eccentric British design in 2010.

The juxtaposition of traditional works in contemporary form makes for original, memorable pieces, that once you've seen one, you'll want to collect them all. From the clean lines of the New Casablanca Table in Brass to Japanese Repose Rug, the pieces deliver an undoubtedly modernist twist to traditional ideas, making them ideal for home and office, as well as gifts.

Know someone who loves to entertain? Poetry Plates and Artist Cushion Pink are both stunning to look at and conversation starters.

A Delft Ceramic Bulldog and magnetic feathers in white, black and woodland varieties, add a touch of whimsy to any room.

Modern art has never been more fun thanks to pieces such as 'Madame Blush' Stretched Printed Canvas and 'Senora Emanuela' Stretched Printed Canvas.

And the wallpaper section alone is mind-blowing. I mean how does one possibly choose between White Bookshelf Wallpaper (also available in other colours, as well as the insanely cool Photocopy version) and Almost White Concrete Loveletter Wallpaper? The Almost White Delft Baroque Wallpaper works whether your current look is shabby chic, rustic modern or like me - modern minimalist. And why build a cabinet, headboard and put up a wall of pics when you can do it all in a snap with Almost White Industrial Drawers Wallpaper, Chesterfield Button Back Wallpaper, and Picture Frame Wallpaper. It's hard to go back to regular ol' wallpapers when you've seen these outstanding beauties.

Which brings me to the Mineheart Oud Wood Scented Candle.

That same divine elegance and extraordinary commitment to quality and detail seen throughout the large collection of Mineheart's original works can be found in this candle, handmade in England and designed with illustrator Courtney Brims.

The sturdy kraft paper box boasts a black-and-white drawing of a most precious deer with antlers that branch out into magical flora as butterflies flit their wings on the side of the box. Mineheart's crown logo (complete with feet) is stamped on top in warm copper.

Upon opening the box, a kraft paper card with that same fascinating deer drawn into the bottom right corner reads: "Oud Wood - He relished those moments of dancing sunrays in a sweet rhapsody of cheerful butterflies and air scented with an enchanting fragrance." 

The heavy glass tumbler has a thick base like a rocks glass. White gleams like patent leather on the outside while the inside is a semi-gloss white like the interior of a house in the Hamptons or spa treatment room. A beautiful label with hand drawn bird (it would make a wonderful tattoo) and lettering is affixed to the front.

Rich pure white soy wax bursts forth with natural essential oils and fragrances of ambers, patchouli, jasmine and oud (a woodsy, leathery scent), with a touch of cedarwood and hints of pure vanilla. It's a heady mix of magical forest and regal opulence. Equal parts masculine and feminine, it's majestic and aristocratic in a glass with minimal pomp and circumstance. In other words, it's completely dazzling and sumptuous. It will take you away to a richer, more splendid place.

It also happens to burn for approximately 50 hours, so you've got lots of time to luxuriate in it. And you'll want to ensure you get more than one, because there's no way you're giving away your only Oud Wood Scented Candle. Nu-uh. This is something to be cherished and treasured. 

So shop Mineheart now. It's one of the greatest shopping destinations I've ever come across.

Stephanie Dickison

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