KiiX Invisible High Heel Protectors - Because You Really, Really Love Your High Heels

I worked in a restaurant once with the shallowest stairs. You had to twist your hips and feet sideways to work your way down to the basement where the office, wine and kitchen supplies were. By the end of a season, I would have to get new shoes because the backs had been ravaged by all the scraping and scuffing. Oh those beautiful leather wedges from Rome and the patent black leather boots that made my legs look sleek and strong. Never to be had again.

And don't get me started on getting around the city. I have completely obliterated heels of every hue and height just walking city blocks, taking transit and well, just generally living my life.

So when I discovered KiiX Invisible High Heel Protectors, I felt like I'd finally met someone who understood what a pain it is to scuff up your shoes carefully-scoured stores, that you undoubtedly have saved up for. I'm not saying shoes are the most important thing in my life, but I dress up for both work and life and to have my shoes last as long as possible would be, a welcome change.

That's why the invisible shields that are KiiX are as essential as that cuppa joe you hold onto for dear life every a.m. and those jeans that somehow make you look one size smaller. Trust me, once you try 'em, you'll never go without 'em.

They are so easy to apply - peel off the plastic backing and line the clear sticker up with the back of your heel in the centre. Make sure to place it on a clean, dry heel and above the heel cap. Smooth it out along the heel and trim any excess (KiiX are thicker than transparent tape, but thinner than duct tape and are shaped to follow the heel's lines). It's super fast too - it takes just a sec - and are vitrually undetectable. What's so great about this inconspicuous cover is that you don't have to keep reapplying it. That's right - it lasts as long as your shoes do. Place a burst of confetti and and sound horns here.

They come in both Clear Gloss and Matte Black, so you're covered no matter what the season or occasion. Hint: the Black Matte can be used on shoes that are already scuffed and scratched. KiiX to the rescue!

If you wear any type of heels, KiiX Invisible High Heel Protectors are an absolute necessity.

So shop right now (also available online at Nordstrom) and extend the life of your shoes - without any hard work, having to take them into a shop for expensive repairs, and anyone knowing your amazing little secret.

p.s. KiiX are not recommended to be used on suede, satin, real snakeskin or glitter heels, but hopefully your shoe collection goes way beyond these choices. 

Stephanie Dickison

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