Fairy Fastener - Finally Start Wearing Your Amazing Jewelry Again

Have you ever been getting ready to go out and you try to put on a bracelet with a clasp, only to fail miserably each and every time? To end up not wearing your jewelry simply because it takes two people to do it up and you don't always have someone at your side (especially when you are up early trying to get to work or getting changed for late night drinks).

I have a beloved leather wrap bracelet that a friend gave me that I would wear at least once a week if I could just get the damn thing to stay together. I also have six stunning necklaces that remain  on my jewelry organizer because they have tricky clasps that either requires a lot of strength to keep the lobster clasp open or are so minuscule, it takes one person to hold it open and another to try and close it.

Which is why Fairy Fastener is going to becomes one of those essential belongings, that while you might not use it every day, it is indispensable for the times you truly need it.

I recommend getting both the Bracelet Fairy and Necklace Fairy.

They're so easy to use and really are that second set of hands that you need for just one quick sec, which  aren't always available when you need them.

The Bracelet Fairy is a long, curved black plastic wand that you lay in the palm of your hand. Light and ergonomic, it has been slightly weighted at one end so it always sits in the proper - and very comfortable position. The thicker end points towards your fingertips, with the  peg end  pointed towards your body. The peg or beak end has a thick padded insert, so you never have to worry about scratching or harming your precious bijoux.

You clasp your jewelry by the end without the lobster clasp (I call it the "o" but it's actually called a ring) and make sure your bracelet falls to the outside of your wrist. This is because you need your free hand to close the clasp.  It is super easy and takes no longer than a second. Really. It's lightening fast, especially when you use it a few times. It completely transforms everything from stiff leather straps (even watches) to dainty tennis bracelets and even bands made of wisps of cloth and string.

For your cherished necklaces, the Necklace Fairy (pictured above) changes everything. It's a system that uses a heart clasp outfitted with a powerful magnets and an ingenious pin system that latches onto each end of your own necklace, making it possible to twist and snap it open and closed in a second no matter what kind of clasp it was made with.

And they made it a pretty heart with crystals in it, that just looks like a natural part of the design, available in silver and gold-plate.

These two products are the only reason I'm finally able to wear any piece of my cherished jewelry that was too difficult to put on previously. I am now rockin' pieces I've had for a decade or more, that have just been lying there out of commission all this time.

Imagine - your jewelry collection just increased all without you having to do anything except for shopping Fairy Fastener right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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