J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works - You Need This in Your Life Right Now

I bet you've upgraded many things in your life over the past few years - your coffee perhaps, your veg and meat, no doubt. Even your house cleaners. So it's about time you switched out your table salt for the good stuff.

And one of the best I've ever had (and I eat out for a living so I've pretty much tried 'em all) is J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works.

Made by brother and sister Lewis Payne and Nancy Bruns , this 7th generation salt-making family has returned to the family’s 200-year-old farm to harvest BY HAND a rare, all-natural salt from an ancient ocean deep below the majestic Appalachian mountains of West Virginia.

Talk about "terroir." Watch the video below and tell me you're not moved by their passion and commitment to their craft.

J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works unrefined salt is not only extraordinary in taste - for those worried about your sodium intake, you just need a little to enhance the flavours of your dishes - it's healthier for you too. 

Each beautifully packaged grinder,  jar and bag of heirloom salt you purchase comes with a hand-written batch number. Not only should you be stocking your shelves with it, you should be gifting it to friends, family and colleagues this holiday season (Since you're shopping anyway, pick up this stunning Stone Salt Cellar, Gift Set and Salt Pig Gift Set).

Once you try it, you'll never want to go back to plain ol' table salt again.

One of my all-time favourite snacks is popcorn. This past year, in trying to eat better and cleaner, I stopped topping it with butter and oil. Sigh. And while I am finally almost used to it, don't try and take my salt away. Because that's half the reason I'm eating it in the first place. For months, I'd been using normal salt, and then everything changed once I tried J. Dickinson Popcorn Salt. The fine salt clings the kernels, delivering a unique, clean saltiness that you'll look forward to now as much as the corn itself. You can also use it to finish other things as well - I use it on my steak, every salad from Nicoise to Caesar and well, anything and everything (try it on your chocolate - swoon), because it's not only that good, it's made with such heart and care, I feel like I'm dining with the family each and every time I use it.

J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works is more than just phenomenal salt, more than just another product you buy to use and put on the shelf. It's honouring a tradition and craft that should be feted and celebrated as often as possible, and toasting the family that's keeping it alive.

And in case that's not enough, it seriously upgrades everything you use it with (don't be surprised if your friends start calling you "Chef") and it does so instantly. No skills or cooking lessons required.

Which is why you've got to shop J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works right now

Stephanie Dickison

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