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There is something magical and exceptional about postcards.

First of all, the photo or artwork on the front says it all - it expresses a place visited or a theme shared between the writer and the recipient.

Then there's the limited room for a message, which means you have to keep it short while packing it all in. It takes a particularly skill to write a great postcard. Take note the next time you receive one - you'll know right away if the sender has the postcard writing gift.

My Mom has been sending me fantastic postcards for as long as I can remember (even though we live in the same city). Many of these have gone on to be framed and put on the wall or the fridge. Currently, most of my fridge art is courtesy of her carefully selected cards, often food-related naturally.

I too love sending postcards. I pop off notes to friends across the globe as often as I can. It's a great excuse I find, to show someone I'm thinking of them and to share news and stories with a loved one. If you don't happen to write a lot, a postcard allows you to say something without having to fill an entire greeting card. But lately the challenge has been to try and find really great ones, and ones that suit the person I'm sending them to.

That's why I am so taken with Posticks.

Posticks are DIY postcard stickers that you can stick to the back of (almost) anything to create a postcard. 

This allows me to make a photo into a postcard, or send something I've cut out from a magazine even. I sent a friend who shares my love of Swedish design swatches of beloved wallpaper this way, and once I mailed a chocoholic mate a wrapper I thought she'd adore. I have a few vintage postcards that I can now recycle thanks to Posticks. And occasionally, very occasionally, I have sent something I've doodled on to a friend (no judgement, they promise).

Insanely talented creator Tatjana Buisson also makes illustrated cards that can be framed or used as a postcard, as they come enclosed with a handy Postick postcard-back sticker. I have sent Thank You for Being Born, Your Face... It's Nice, and Can't Buy Happiness onto good friends and colleagues.

And I  will be stocking up on a LIFETIME SUPPLY of Time to Drink Champagne & Dance on the Table and Things Are Getting Worse Please Send More Chocolate, because these are simply a necessity, so expect one in your mailbox in two to four weeks.

Postcards have the impact to change your day, mood, even your life. That's why Tatjana Buisson and her Posticks are an absolute must. I can't live without them now.

Neither should you. Shop Posticks now.

p.s. Be sure to check out the extraordinary Postcard Happiness Project. It's a kind of modern day pen pal initiative that allows you to send postcards to people who could use a little extra love in their day due to their current circumstances. It doesn't get much more awesome than that.

Stephanie Dickison

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