Spa Room AromaMist - Transform Your Home into a Tranquil Spa

It is so dry this winter than I'm giving off little static shocks to everything from the stove to my cat to my dinner party guests as I hug them goodbye.

Since I can't control the cold Canadian outdoors, I am taking charge of inside the house.

The simple addition of moisture in the air makes it easier to breath, helps keep infections at bay, opens pores and softens your skin and make it look more supple - not to mention gets rid of the electric currents that are caused in dry air.

SpaRoom's AromaMist is so much more than a mini humidifier, though.

This sleek tabletop diffuser (available in black or white) delivers a soothing, calming ultrasonic mist . Using just a half cup of water, the air fills with moisture. Add your favourite essential oil (not included) and a lovely, light scent wafts through the room. You won't have to refill the AromaMist again for three hours.

Go ahead and add a light show if you like. This optional setting give a very subtle hint of colour (blue, pink, or a collection of colors) to the evaporating water. And the machine is as quiet as a holiday Monday, so no need to worry about distracting noises... just go ahead and relax.

I have noticed an incredible difference in my skin - "winter skin" is a thing of the past now.  I also like how relaxing the light and scent are. Who needs candles with the AromaMist in hand? I've been trying out  different essential oils - lavender, pine and lemon verbena - depending on my mood and the occasion. There are so many benefits  - healing humidification, soothing aromatherapy and  relaxing ambient lighting - and no more dry shocks. It's like a whole spa treatment in the comfort of your own home!

Change your home, change your life with SpaRoom's AromaMist!

Stephanie Dickison

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