Sally Hershberger/Shoppers Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE TIFF Suite 2013 - Look Like a Star

TIFF is one of the world's biggest festivals, and thanks to Sally Hershberger, Shoppers Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE & the wonderful team of gorgeous gals at OverCat Communications, I had the chance to feel as only stars do. A whole team was lined up to help me look extraordinary. Here's a sneek peak at what happened:

My first stop was the St. Tropez airbrush tent with tanner extraordinaire Sophie Evans . While I got down to my skivvies (little paper ones, provided by Sophie) and hopped in topless (!), this gorgeous Brit who now makes New York home, gently bronzed me head to toe.  And when I said head-to-toe, I mean it - she sprayed my face and even tried to make my rather doughy tummy more defined by giving me lots of "contouring" around my middle. Bright, funny and awe-inspiring, she told me what Kate Moss and BeyoncĂ© prefer in their tans, while never once making me feel intimidated or uncomfortable about being a regular person.

The spray itself felt like a soft mist and because she is such an expert, there were no runs or lines (she is meticulous - she even crouched down and went between my toes and up into my crotchitorial area, in case I wanted to get sexy with someone or take a quick dip in a pool, I suppose). So of course I was smitten and hooked from the get go - I looked the best I'd looked in months and it was all thanks to Sophie and her tank of spray. Later, when I slipped into bed, in between the cool, clean, white sheets and my golden limbs looked like I'd spent the summer in Greece, I was giggling with glee - I couldn't believe how amazing and natural it looks.

It also lasted almost a week.

Two other spectacular transformations came my way that night:

1. Makeup Applications by BeautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart Advisors .


Makeup artists usually go pretty neutral on me - I'm pale and have a peachy complexion - but these folks got that I wanted edgy and to stand out a bit and gave me the best makeover I've ever had.

They worked a long time, considering products and colours carefully.They  asked if I wanted to see it as they went along and just laughed when I said, "Hell no!" Gentle and yet extremely focused and talented, they gave me the look I'd always dreamed of and could only ever achieve in the hands of an expert. Thank god I have pictures to remember it by.

As you might remember, I met Paul (pictured above and at top of post with yours truly) at this event two years ago. He and the Sally Hershberger crew - including Sally herself! - fly in for the event to do blowouts, up-dos and other styling miracles that are usually reserved for the red carpet.

Paul is the best hair stylist I've ever known and even though he's based in LA, you should fly him out to wherever you live because he's absolutely worth every cent. He has that gift of making your hair sexier than you ever thought possible. And he always does it with such ease and grace. It's the closest you'll ever feel like a celebrity or princess.

It's not every day that you get to dress up and feel like you've won the lottery. But thanks to these amazing folks, I got to feel that way for TIFF.

And for the first time in my life, just in case I ran into Ryan Gosling at the festival, I was ready.

Stephanie Dickison

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