Lulalu - Colour-Coding Has Never Been More Fun!

We all have so much to stay on top of these days, so you've got to make lists and put reminders up on the fridge to keep track of it all.

But why are you still using boring old lined paper and the backs of envelopes when you can been using Lulalu?

This collection of fun, colourful and extremely easy-to-use organizing products is way better than that black-and-white notepad you've been using since 1999 or those sticky notes that we both know aren't helping you pay the bills any sooner.

Not only do they inject colour into your day, colour-coding is already built into their system - which helps you both organize things quickly and remember them with greater ease.
If you like to see things on the fridge, these non-white boards are a perfect way to add a reminder to pick up your dry cleaning or get some fresh garlic for that lamb and rosemary dish you're making this weekend. It's so less office-y having a dry erase board with colour, isn't it? I especially like the Kiwi & Blue Popsicle Set that you can use together or have one for the kitchen and one in the home office, as I've done. And I love the sidecar marker holder - it's so fast to jot something down.

I also love the decorative aspect of the Dry Erase Photo Frame with Vase - this is definitely the most beautiful - and innovative - way to keep notes on your fridge.

And you know how whiteboards get that old marker look on them, where you can never fully erase old messages? You never have to worry about that with these - they are super easy to write on and remove.

Of course, making lists on paper is just as vital to keep things in order. As a stationery fiend and a constant list maker, the layout and design of a list pad is very important.

The Lulalu List Notepad Weekly Warm Stripes makes my to-dos easy to see and even easier to tackle and cross off when they're completed. The Desk Strip Pad Errands (pictured above) is an ingenious way to keep organized at your desk. It's really such a great tool for when you're working - while typing out that contract, you suddenly remember that you need to:

- pick up pumpernickel for your book club meeting (everyone keeps asking for your creamy dill dip, so give 'em what they want!)
- call your cell provider because they overcharged again on your last bill
- make an appointment with your hairdresser - these roots aren't going to dye themselves

This vibrant grid pad allows you to not only take notes as you work throughout the day (I always remember I have to do something right when I'm in the middle of something else), it automatically categorizes it for you, so all you have to do is have a quick look and complete the tasks in that box, then move onto the next one. It takes all the drudgery out of your daily life in one fell swoop.

And because I'm always trying to pack in as much as I can into every week, I have found the Lulalu Weekly Calendar Pad Stripes a lifesaver - each day has a different colour, allowing me to identify my priorities in an instant. And the size is fantastic - nice and long, so you can actually fit in all that you've got going on. No more teeny boxes you've got to try and squeeze everything into. I'm telling you - once you've used such a vibrant system as this and see what a difference colour makes, those plain ol' office supply pads just won't cut it anymore.

And because you still have to live in a world of receipts, dry cleaning tickets and business cards, you need something to keep 'em all together. Lulalu Click Clips adhere to any smooth surface such as stainless steel, glass and mirrors and make it easy to stay on top of bits of paper in the house. They are colourful, but sleek and stylish enough to work with your decor. And you can organize your papers via colour even on the fridge - lime green/work, kelly green/home, aqua/kids, etc.

Shop Lulalu now and see how colour-coding can make life so much easier!

Stephanie Dickison

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