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I am probably one of the few people left in this world who has a drawer filled with stationery and enjoys sending things the old-fashioned way, via post. I send cards and packages to friends around the globe throughout the year . I know it would be cheaper and faster to get in touch with email, but it's not the same. With email, there's not the same element of surprise and you miss out on joy of unwrapping something.

How amazing then, to discover that provides a similar service, sending a gift of a candy surprise and a personalized message.

Owners Nina Meranus and Andy Sheeks have one simple goal: "Send some joy and make someone smile."

When I received my SurprisesByMail package (pictured above) I was thrilled! It was amazing to have message made just got me and so much fun not knowing what it was!

The sender gets to choose the sweets (chocolates, nuts, cookies, chocolate-covered cookies - oh my! fudge, pretzels, peanut brittle and chocolate covered espresso beans), add a personal message or choose a pre-written selection and SurprisesByMail does the rest.

So instead of going to the mall, selecting the gift and then having to come home, write a card, wrap it, package it up and then line up at the post office to send it, SurprisesByMail takes care of all the time-consuming, energy-draining steps for you.

Order online and your package will arrive in about 3-5 days later. Suddenly, anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions are a breeze to manage. You can even give them the names and dates you need to commemorate and celebrate and they'll send out your treats at the appropriate time. Do this once a year and you'll never have to worry about forgetting a special day or event again.

I absolutely loved receiving Toffee Squares out of the blue. These insanely delicious - and completely addictive - milk almond butter toffee bites were a divine little treat that I kept in my desk drawer. And each time I had one, I was reminded of the kind gesture sent my way via post. It brightened my day each and every time.

Don't you want to extend that feeling to someone you care about?
Shop now and make everyone's day a little sweeter.

Stephanie Dickison

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