MIXT Studio Reusable Wine Bags - Message In a Bottle

Do you remember in the old days there were these manilla 9 x 12 envelopes that were used to transport documents between office departments? You'd get the docket and you'd sign in a box in a column right on the envelope . Then when you wanted to send someone something, you'd reuse that same envelope, addressing it to the correct person, who would then have to sign for it upon receipt? Considering how basic it was, it was a pretty solid system.

MIXT Studio Reusable Wine Bags work in much the same way, except they're waaaay prettier and will outlast any envelope (they're printed on Tyvek, which is resistant to water and untearable, yet still recyclable!). And they are centered around of my favourite things, wine.

The gorgeous prints outdo any regular paper bag and in fact are so attractive, you might just want to keep a couple for yourself to use (they make wonderful homes for ballet flats, office supplies and a much more attractive way to store your olive oil and balsamic bottles).

These handmade bags come complete with a thick cloth ribbon and 5 tags in a row. You fill out the first one with to, from, event and date, and then the person who receives it, fills it out when they next gift a bottle of wine (can I just say how much I love when someone brings me a bottle of wine?). Since there are 5 tags, the last person will be able to see who has received it when and for what. It's  like a message in a bottle that continues on throughout five events.  

When the design and idea are this great, you'll want to pass it on.

Get your own  MIXT Studio Reusable Wine Bags and while you're at it, check out their stunning gift wrap, cards and gift bands. I've fallen hard for the seahorse wall hangings and am going to ask for one of their incredible reversible totes for my birthday. If I'm lucky, it'll come with a bottle or two of wine in it...

Stephanie Dickison

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