Keysocks - Show Off Bare Feet Without Compromising Warmth

Keysocks solve an age old problem - keeping your feet warm, yet showing a little skin.

These unique socks wrap around your heel and toes, leaving the top of your foot exposed. The rest of the rock is pulled up below your knee just like regular socks. So you can rock any pair of pants and be warm, yet look as though you're not wearing anything at all.

This also means that you no longer have to wear your flats or dress shoes without socks anymore (ew) or envelop your tootsies in those crazy stretchy toe/foot covers that never stay on. And you'll be protected from blisters and sweat (Coolmax moisturizer in the fabric stops all that), so no more having to sacrifice to wear your favourite shoes (peek in your closet - don't you see a bunch of shoes that used to be hard to wear? yeah, that's about to change).

And the ultimate bonus? The blend of 80% polyester, 18% nylon and 2% lycra feels like cashmere, so don't be surprised if you start favouring them over your regular socks. And they come in various styles and colours, so even if people can't see 'em, you can still rock your style and look.

Keysocks are perfect for this time of year, when the seasons are changing and it's starting to warm up - you can look like you've got bare feet, but still be comfy and cozy, no matter what the temperature.

Shelby McKee has created a product that perhaps you didn't think you needed, but now, you won't be able to live without. Just watch how many more pairs of shoes and pants you wear on a regular basis now, thanks to Keysocks.

Stephanie Dickison

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