PlanetSafe Calendars Sticky-Note Planning Kit - Organizing Your Life Has Never Been So Much Fun

Your life changes all the time, so why shouldn't the way you plan it?

I find that sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit in order to get back on track, gain efficiency or simply keep up with all the developments that come with living in the digital age.

As much as I was using my desk calendar, I recently found that everything was kind of blending into the background and I was skimming items, sometimes even missing important items like deadlines and important reminders. I had become too used to my system and it was no longer working effectively.

So I went in search of something completely different and I found PlanetSafe Calendars wonderful Sticky Note Planner Kit.

I love how it works you use their combination of dry-erase calendar and sticky notes (though other sticky notes can be used). You select the layout that works best for you (there are 6 to choose from and 2 sizes), then you can use either a combination of dry-erase markers and sticky notes or just one if you like. The built-in tray is a fantastic touch and keeps everything close at hand.

What's amazing about the sticky note system is that you can move things around easily (don't worry, they'll stay on), saving you the time and trouble of having to rewrite everything. I mean, how many routine things do you have on your schedule per week? Now, thanks to the Sticky-Note Planning Kit, just move the note!

The revolutionary part of this system is that it can be designed how you need it to work, which isn't always the case with calendars. I love being able to colour code things using the notes (orange for work things, pink for social events and green for dinners out) without having to keep switching markers like I've done in the past. For you, you might just like being able to erase and move things easily with the marker.

Our busy schedules demand that we have something that can keep up with it. PlanetSafe Calendars Sticky-Note Planning Kit is one of the few that do. And get this - it's fun! That's right - this combination of notes and writing makes it much more enjoyable to work out your schedule and deadlines. I find it's so much more visual and colourful than the usual office supply store options and for me, that really works.

Go ahead and put 'em anywhere - they are light and can be installed with push pins or tape (adhesive strips are included in the kit, along with the planner,companion accessory tray, sticky-notes, marker, eraser and cleaner) So get one for home and the office, one for kid at university and whomever else you can think of.

Just watch how it changes everything.

p.s. these planners are 100% recyclable and made in the USA.

Stephanie Dickison

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