Nightly Beauty by Beauty Foods - Drink Your Way to a Good Night's Sleep & Gorgeous Skin

I have always had problems sleeping, but because it's sporadic and erratic, I don't like to rely on prescription medicine for my lack of a good night's sleep. And while I'm sure there are good natural products out there, it can be expensive to try 'em all in hopes of finding one that works for you.

What has worked wonders for me is Nightly Beauty by Beauty Foods, a delicious hot drink that not only helps put you to sleep, but gives your skin the boost that it needs to be beautiful and radiant.

All-natural ingredients such as Vitamins A, B, C and E along with Biotin & Magnesium, Natural AlphaWave L-Theanine & Calming Blend and Natural Collagen complex work their natural wonders and help ease your mind, calm your nerves and quiet your mind so that you can finally be able to get some shut eye before the alarm clock goes off and you've got to get through another grinding day of meetings and deadlines. And gives you gorgeous skin to boot.

There are 3 flavours to choose from -Chocolate Bliss, Chocolate Chai Renewal and Vanilla Dream. My fella and I tried Chocolate Bliss. It is creamy, delicious and very similar to a Mexican hot chocolate, as the cinnamon really comes through. It's so tasty that after the first night we tried it, he asked if I'd like one the following night. How amazing to have a remedy that you actually look forward to!

And I'm telling you, it worked for me. I slumbered off into a deep sleep, got up to pee once, and then eased back to sleep until the alarm went off. And when I looked in the mirror, my skin looked supple and a lot luminescent than its usual self.

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Stephanie Dickison

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